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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
From Namco

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The HIT FRANCHISE Comes to Life on Next Gen! Experience the fast and powerful fighting style of the popular Dragon Ball Z series in a brand new game for the next gen systems! Dragon Ball: Raging Blast features over 70 playable characters, including transformations, and allows you to relive epic battles from the series or experience alternate moments not included in the original anime and manga. With stunning 3D graphics, powerful and customizable Super Attacks, online gameplay and large-scale, destructible environments that allow you to fully experience the devastation of your attacks, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is set to deliver more explosive fighting action than ever seen before!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2848 in Video Games
  • Brand: Namco
  • Model: 21030
  • Published on: 2009-10-31
  • Released on: 2009-11-10
  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .59" h x 5.37" w x 7.56" l, .26 pounds


  • Live the Dragon Ball Z experience with signature moves and Super Attacks, including the all new “Super Rising” move. Improve your characters’ abilities through item and Super Attack customization, equip your favorite moves to match your fighting style.

Customer Reviews

What a game!5
I played the demo for this for weeks, and just having the three characters to play with was enough for me to know i needed to pre-order this game. My friends and I have spent countless hours playing the Budokai Tenkaichi series on PS2, and after the debacle that was Burst Limit I was ready for the next incarnation. And it's in HD. Win.

The game is fast paced, with a free-form flight mode that's absolutely amazing. There's a wider range of abilities than in previous versions of the game as well. It's also absolutely beautiful.

Almost all of the terrain can also be destroyed, either by an energy blast going through a mountain, or slamming your opponent through it. This upgrade is one of the nicest, imo. I haven't been able to destroy a planet yet, so i'm not certain that ability is in the game yet.

This goes from the Saiyan saga through the Majin Buu saga. There's nothing from GT in the game, and I haven't seen anything from Dragonball yet either. The story mode is a bit engaging, as it's tough to keep telling the same story over and over again. There's a bit of dialog during fights, and the one downfall i've noticed is that sometimes the little conversation scenes kill the flow of the battle, and there's usually a sneak attack on you when they're over.

There is also a "What if" mode, with a few alternate timelines you can fight in. It's not very big, and I expected more from it honestly.

Overall, Budokai Tenkaichi lovers will be in heaven. This is a must-have for DBZ fans.

Very disappointing compared to BT33

I run a DBZ News Channel on YouTube and for the last 5 months I've been mostly reporting and anticipating what I thought would be the best game ever.

I was VERY disappointed in this game. Now I played the Wii version of Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and after playing this. Wow. I'm disappointed.

- The graphics are great.
- Option to switch to Japanese audio
- Plenty to do (modes)
- Stages are larger
- Online World Tournament can be fun
- Super Attack Customization

- They took out way too many combos from BT3, it's ridiculous. YOU END UP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN, USUALLY SUPER ATTACKS. There's just no depth to this game, (there was a bit more in BT3) and I just got bored spamming Super Attacks.
- The camera in battle is just really awful, you're going to get horrible angles almost every fight that ruins the fun.
- There are way less characters and stages, and some important characters like Ultimate Gohan are gone.
- There is framerate problems and unresponsive control problems, doing Super Rising only works like 1/2 the time.
- Everything is more stiff and much slower-paced than BT3.
- The Story Mode combines the worst elements of BT2 and BT3. BT2's story mode was incredibly long, but well told. BT3's story mode was incredibly short, but poorly told (although it wasn't trying to, which was fine and enjoyable by me). Dragon Battle Collection IS LONG AND POORLY TOLD. To even get the story you have to read a paragraph recap.
- Collecting stars by replaying each Story Mode battle 3 times just isn't worth it.
- The controls are completely revamped, and in my opinion are not as good.
- I have a great internet connection and there was many communication errors while playing Online Mode, although there wasn't lag it was just hard to actually get to a battle.
- Playing Online may not be worth it because your opponent is most likely going to spam Super Attacks, which I can't blame since there's barely anything else you can do.
- Super Battle Trial is incredibly tedious to complete.
- Not enough new things added. Super Rising, Crashing into Walls, 2 new stage destructibility features and a really gimmicky weather change is it.

I'm disappointed in this game. Raging Blast 2 better be awesome, or its back to Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for me.

Good fun in a good game5
I got this game a few weeks ago and it is spectacularly fun offline. There are a very large amount of game modes and enough characters to be able to entertain anyone for several weeks or more. If you try to unlock everything it takes a good amount of time, which is great because I personally think that games are becoming too short. It is quite challenging at first, even in the story. The initial fighting is easy to comprehend, but then it has some tricks that you have to have pretty accurate timing for and it might discourage some people because the computer (on higher difficulties) can choose to use these tools whenever they feel. I'm not saying it's terrible, it is the computer so I expect it to be good, but it can be frustrating when 75% of your attacks are being dodged. The story mode is neat because you fight in basically every battle that took place between the saiyan and buu sagas. You also have a couple fights as Bardock and you get to go into Broly's saga. They also have some What-If stories and these are pretty funny. If you want to unlock all the missions you have to go back through each battle at least one more time to get stars. The stars are used as currency to buy Costumes, Music, and more Missions in story mode. To get the stars you need to satisfy certain parameters during the fight.

The menu music isn't the most entertaining sound in the world, but the only time I heard it for extended periods was when I was customizing my character. They do have some spiffy musical scores in some of the fights though. Mostly I did not pay attention to the music while playing anyway. I was more focused on the fight.

Customization in this game is really great. It has tetris block style customization which I personally like better than the previous capsule thing in the games I played before. There are many different blocks that enhance attacks, defense, ki attacks, and other special things including a few graphical changes. The character customization and special attack selection are separate areas of customization so you do not take up space choosing special attacks.

I did not buy this game for the online play, which is good because I did not like it. I played 10 matches online all against different opponents of varying ranks (mostly lower) and lost all of them. I did not expect to win a large amount of them but I thought maybe one or two. The reason I did not like the online play was that everyone I played against (even the bottom ranked people) chose the very cheapest tactics to win. Mostly it consisted of a 4 hit combo then a sidestep into another 4 hit combo with some ki blasts thrown in to keep me off balance repeatedly. I got some hits in and got my opponent down a few bars some times but I would always fall prey to the same tactics. Had I more experience maybe I could have dealt with it a little bit, but honestly if that's all most of the fights are I don't want part in it anyway. I'm not saying they should stop and give me a chance, but a change of pace in a few fights would be nice. I can't imagine its entertaining too repeatedly hit X and double tap left or right hundreds of fights in a row. Some people may find juggling enemies in this way entertaining, and if that's fun for you then by all means go for it. I just wanted a bit more to my fights then that. There was really no energy beam usage or special skills except by a few people who knew they had me beat. I admit they are pretty easy to dodge at range but there are ways to almost guarantee a hit. I'm not blaming the game creators; it's just how people played to win. I did not like it so I will not play that part. Maybe I just got a bad set of matches, but it was annoying.

I only saw a 3 or 4 different characters being used as well (which were the real fast ones). Most of the fights I did also did not allow the use of the customized characters. I assume this is an option chosen by the lobby creator and it seemed like a waste to get rid of a large portion of the game. It would help to keep it more balanced, but it is still depressing. I did not have many lag problems. There were a couple fights where my character would not do anything for a second or two until after I hit the button, but I would most likely have lost those fights anyway. Even a little lag could affect the Vanish times to avoid something though and that would be cruddy if you were really into the online play.

I had one major thing that bothered me in matchmaking. I would search for a game, find a bunch of people, try to join one and fail to join it. Then I would look for another game (because it kicks you back to a menu when you fail to join one) and I would find only 1 or 2 lobbies. I don't know if this was a problem or suddenly everyone found a match but it kind of confused me. I also rarely ever found anyone that played just player matches. Most of the players were in the ranked matches

Overall the game and fighting was pretty great. I liked it more than the previous ones; it seemed a bit faster paced since you did not have to use a combo before a special move. There are tons of game modes and options to keep you busy and entertained for long periods of time and each one is pretty fun. I did not find one I absolutely hated. I would easily recommend getting this game. If you are like me then do not get it for online, but the offline is still incredibly fun. If you are not like me then get it for the online and the offline because you will probably like it.