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Dragon Ball Z - Cooler's Revenge - Feature (Uncut) [VHS]

Dragon Ball Z - Cooler's Revenge - Feature (Uncut) [VHS]
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After defeating Frieza on Namek, Goku returns to a peaceful life on Earth with his family and friends. But the heroic Saiyan's world is turned upside down when a routine camping trip turns into a desperate struggle for life! Who is this assailant that has appeared out of the shadows to ambush Goku and his friends? None other than Cooler, Frieza's brother, who has come to settle the score!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #20892 in VHS
  • Released on: 2002-01-08
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Animated, Color, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Running time: 60 minutes

Editorial Reviews
Originally released in 1991, the fifth Dragon Ball Z feature (a.k.a. Tobikkiri no Saikyou tai Saikyou--"Fantastic Ultimate Strength vs. Ultimate Strength") involves the characters from the TV episodes, but in an unrelated continuity. Goku and Gohan set off on a camping trip with Krillin and Oolong, but their outing turns into a battle royal when they're attacked by the minions of Cooler, Frieza's older brother. Piccolo appears as a Nameck ex machina to aid Gohan, but the centerpiece of the film is the battle between Goku in his Super-Saiyan form and Cooler, who looks like a purple iguana in a football uniform. The various Dragon Ball properties balance slapstick and fantastic action; Cooler's Revenge offers lots of action, and a rock soundtrack, but little comedy. Unrated: Suitable for ages 8 and up; contains cartoon violence. --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews

Completely outdoes the last four movies!5
This is the 5th and best Dragon Ball Z movie I've seen! The animation, once again, is drawn out extremely well and Cooler, who is Frieza's older and stronger brother, looks really cool! The main plot of this is that Cooler thinks Frieza is dead, so he goes to planet Earth and fights Goku. After that, Goku spends nearly half the movie injured, but lots of action occures during that time. I also really enjoyed the music and the sequence involving Piccolo battling Cooler's three men (Sauza, Niez, and Doore). Goku actually goes Super Saiyan in this movie and I really thought that was a good thing because it's about time! Anyway, this DBZ film completely burns the last four, so you should really buy it now before they're gone!

Great Movie For DBZ Fans5
Frieza, in all his foolishness, let the young Goku escape in a Saiyan spacepod during his battle with Bardock. Looking from afar was his brother, Cooler, who let the Saiyan child live stating that he would be Frieza's eventual downfall. He couldn't have been more correct...

Now that the tyrant Frieza has finally fallen, Cooler has arrived on Earth looking for Goku in order to seek revenge. Goku is not able to stand up to Cooler's initial assault, so now it's up to Gohan and all his friends to protect him until he can recover and summon the Super Saiyan strength he needs to finally defeat Cooler.

I thought this was a great Dragonball Z movie, and one of the best ones overall. Goku is injured early on in the film, which takes much of the focus off of him and places it instead on his son, Gohan, and his comrades. This gives the story an opportunity to make use of the supporting cast to a much greater extent, allowing them to become much more than just weaklings that get tossed aside in the early stages of a fight. There is also much more depth to Cooler's character than there is to the villains that came before him in previous movies. An example of this is illustrated in a scene where he admits he doesn't care much for Frieza and that he deserved what he got, but still has an obligation to try and avenge his death. The FUNimation dub is done more decently this time around than it was in Lord Slug, though the soundtrack still needs work and the French accent portrayed by Sauzer's character is quite exaggerated and over the top.

If you're a Dragonball Z fan at all, then you should buy/watch this movie. Keep in mind when viewing it though, that it does conflict with what happens in the series. For example, Goku should not be on Earth until Trunks arrives and kills Frieza and King Cold, so it's not possible that he would be waiting there when Cooler shows up. Aside from continuity issues, it's a great standalone movie and shouldn't be missed!

Better than Frieza4
This is an awesome movie! Cooler is much stronger than Frieza, if you ask me. In this movie, it starts out when Frieza destroys planet Vegeta, Cooler is of somewhere watching Frieza. And Cooler sees a small Saiyan pod. His Minions prepare to destroy it, but Cooler says to ignore it, for it was in Frieza�s territory. But what he didn�t know is that in that small pod, was a small baby saiyan named Goku.
Many years later, when Cooler learns his brother Frieza was killed, he goes to earth to kill Goku. Meanwhile, Goku and Krillan are out camping, when Coolers minions intrude. Cooler is about to kill Gohan when Goku jumps in the way. Goku and Gohan fall into a river and off a waterfall. Gohan goes to Corans look out for senzu beans. When he returns, the senzu beans are burned before Goku could eat one, but Gohan remembers that he put one in his shirt, and gives it to Goku. Then begins one of the coolest fights ever. Cooler transforms and beats up Goku. But Goku finally goes Super Saiyan. The end is cool; Goku blasts a kameamea at Cooler and blasts him to the sun.
But Cooler is not dead, he returns in the movie, �The Return Of Cooler.� I really want to see it, but I don�t want to pay $20 for a 1-hour movie. So i'm going to wait to see it.