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Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Fall of a Tyrant

Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Fall of a Tyrant
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Episode 86 - The Last Wish: Guru and the people of Namek have been brought back to life, and the dragon Porunga has reappeared to grant the last of three wishes. While a newly enraged Goku resumes his onslaught against the evil Frieza, Dende races to make the final wish of King Kai's plan. But Frieza has his own wish in mind, and he too speeds toward the dragon! Can anything stand in the way of Frieza finally being granted immortality?

Episode 87 - Duel on a Vanishing Planet: With all of his friends evacuated to the safety of Earth, Goku has chosen to remain on the doomed planet of Namek to finish Frieza once and for all. But Frieza refuses to go down quietly, and it looks as though the mighty Saiyan still has the fight of his life on his hands. And with Namek about to explode, there seems no way for Goku to defeat Frieza and escape from the planet in time! Has Goku made the greatest-and final-mistake of his life?

Episode 88 - Pathos of Frieza: Time is growing short for Goku, as each passing second brings Namek closer to its ultimate destruction. But the Super Saiyan's powers seem to know no limits, and it looks as though the once unstoppable Frieza has final been outmatched! As Goku's strength continues to increase with every blow, it appears that the battle has at last reached its conclusion!... or has it?

Episode 89 - Frieza Defeated!!: As his desperation grows, Frieza's attempts to destroy Goku become more and more reckless. Goku's power proves to be far superior, however, and he easily counters the evil tyrant's attacks. It seems that Frieza's greatest fear has been realized - defeat at the hands of a Super Saiyan! But the clock is ticking! Can Goku escape Namek before it explodes?

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #80320 in DVD
  • Released on: 2001-11-13
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Animated, Color, DVD, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Running time: 82 minutes

Customer Reviews

WOW! A must have!5
These DBZ episodes will blow you away! First it starts out with "The Last Wish", in which everyone on the planet Namek, except Goku and Frieza, have been safely transported to Earth by a wish from Dende to the dragon Porunga. The fight between Goku and Frieza rages on! In "Duel on a vanishing planet" with everyone on Earth, the battle of Goku and Frieza continues. In "Pathos of Frieza", it looks like Goku is leaving Namek with Frieza's power incredibly low! The battle isn't over yet though! In Frieza defeated, Frieza has been foiled by his own attack! It doesn't look like he has had enough yet though!
This collection of DBZ episodes are definitely up there with the three best Frieza movies! A must have for any DBZ or Frieza fan.
You will love these episodes!

The Broken Demon4
In this 4-episode tape, the endgame between Frieza and SSJ Goku ends with a BANG! In "The Last Wish", both Dende and Frieza race toward the giant Porunga, each with their own wish in mind. In "Duel on a Vanishing Planet", with everyone on Namek save Frieza and Goku safely returned to Earth, the two superpowers go all-out. In "Pathos of Frieza", it appears that Frieza has been defeated by Goku...or has he? And, finally, in "Frieza Defeated! ", the mighty tyrant is (AT LAST) destroyed by his own attack. But can Goku get off the planet before the explosion?

A great DVD, definitely worth a buy5
This DVD showcases how Goku fights Frieza as Namek is about to blow up. While Toei DID manage to make a 5 minute fight stretch out to 9 episodes, it is still an exciting battle to watch. The filler pretty much makes the battle more intense and exciting. In the first episode of the four episode DVD, there is an amazing moment where everyone who died comes back to life. In what I think is a filler scene, Vegeta actually comes up to Goku and Frieza. That was a spectacular scene, to see him so close to the tyrant he hated, right before he got zapped back to earth.

The fight continues on through the second episode, third, and fourth episodes. Here, Goku gets stronger and stronger as he continually shows Frieza whose boss. This fight is truly spectacular, and NOT one to be missed. Meanwhile, the people who have returned to earth settle all of their problems too. There are some intense scenes with Vegeta (well, not too intense, you'll have to wait until the next DVD for that) and it is pretty interesting. There are no extras on this DVD, but you should come to expect that from Dragon Ball Z. Anyway, buy this. It showcases a great fight and is really intense.