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Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Eleventh Hour (Edited) [VHS]

Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Eleventh Hour (Edited) [VHS]
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Episode 82 - Namek's Destruction
Finding Goku's newfound Super Saiyan strength to be too much for him, Frieza directs his attack at the planet Namek itself! Unable to react in time, Goku is forced to watch helplessly as Frieza's energy blast tears through the heart of the once tranquil planet. Things look bleak for the mighty Saiyan and his friends as the fiery explosion rips through Namek's core! Can anyone survive such incredible destruction?

Episode 83 - A Final Attack
With only minutes to go before the planet explodes, Goku launches a ferocious assault against the weakened Frieza. But Frieza proves that he has a few tricks left up his sleeve as he begins to gather the energy he needs to achieve 100% of his true power! Meanwhile, Gohan races to bring Bulma back to Goku's spaceship as Namek crumbles around them. Can Goku defeat Frieza in time to rejoin his son and fly to safety, or is the fully energized Frieza too powerful for even the Super Saiyan to handle?

Episode 84 - Approaching Destruction
The two most powerful forces in the universe collide as the battle between Goku and Frieza rages on. Back on Earth, the seven Dragon Balls have been collected, and King Kai devises a plan that may save his friends on Namek and put an end to the evil Frieza. But with Namek's final destruction imminent, can Kame and Popo use the Dragon Balls before it's too late?

Episode 85 - Gohan Returns
The first stage of King Kai's plan is complete, and all of Frieza's victims have been wished back to life. But while the people of Namek begin to rise again, the mighty Super Saiyan Goku falls as Frieza launches a devastating final assault. Sensing his father's defeat, Gohan rushes to the scene as the universe's last hope against the seemingly invincible Frieza. Can Gohan succeed where Goku failed, or will this be the end of both father and son?

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #58482 in VHS
  • Released on: 2000-01-11
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Animated, Closed-captioned, Color, Dubbed, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Running time: 80 minutes

Editorial Reviews
It's Goku versus Frieza high above the surface of Namek; fists, insults, and blasts of energy fly as the valiant superhero and sniggering supervillain duke it out. But there's a strict time limit on the duel: one of Frieza's energy blasts struck the core of Namek, so the planet will explode in a matter of minutes. While the battle rages, Gohan carries Bulma and the badly wounded Picollo from the crumbling surface of Namek to the safety of Goku's spaceship. Meanwhile, Goku's former instructor King Kai has had Mr. Popo gather together the seven Dragonballs as part of his plan to defeat Frieza. Goku allows Frieza to attain his maximum power during their battle: he's determined to prove who is stronger, with no excuses. The plan backfires when a devastating attack by Frieza hurls Goku deep into the surface rock of Namek. Believing his father to be dead, Gohan attacks Frieza, proving himself a worthy heir to the Super Saiyan tradition. Needless to say, Goku comes roaring back, delivering the mixture of sci-fi action, sword-and-sorcery fantasy, and Valley dude dialogue that has made Dragonball Z a favorite in both the U.S. and Japan.

The unrated edition is suitable for ages 8 and up; cartoon violence and minor sexual innuendo. The edited version is the same program that plays on the Cartoon Network, removing blood, nudity, smoking, and profanity, and even a few frames from the moments when punches land. The uncut versions of these adventures run one to five minutes longer. --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews

"Buy the Uncut if you want to see it all!"5
Although on the back of this video it says "Contains some violence and brief nudity," there is no nudity in these episodes. The best part was when SS Goku hits Frieza in the gut and he coughs up a truckload of blood, that was so cool. I also liked the music that played while Frieza was powering up to maximum strength. He, however, still couldn't really mach Goku's power because after Frieza hurtles him into a bunch of molten lava, Goku comes bouncing back. During the time when Goku was in the lava, it was cool when Gohan started beating Frieza up (he did the same thing when Frieza stabbed Krillin with his horns). It was also funny when Dr. Briefs, Yajirobe, Chi-Chi, and Master Roshi were all stacked up on each other trying to keep the graphic communicator stable while they were talking to Gohan. I've seen the episodes after these, too, Goku kicks Frieza's @$$! Buy this movie, it's one to remember!

Frieza Eleventh hour - the tide turns with a twist5
In this latest installation of the DBZ Frieza series, Goku battles it out with Frieza. Since the last episode when Goku turns SuperSaiyan, it looks like SSGoku is more than a match for Frieza. Can this be true? It sure looks like that way in the beginning but maybe not later on. You have to see the video to find out how the power struggle between these 2 titans continue. Along with the battle scenes you find out how everyone is restored and Gohan returns to help. Also you get the strange feeling that Goku is now is showing some Saiyan heritage to battle the best conditioned opponents even if it means he may not win! Nuff said! Buy it and see it!

pretty damn sweet4
You see Goku TRUE power as a Super Saiyan in this DBZ video with 4! yes 4! episodes in it instead of the usual 3, and you also get to see Gohan whoop some too so thats an add on. definatly buy this puppy, it great.