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Welcome to our web page sharing the information from our Dooley Family DNA tests. Our group represents several Dooley lines, which have been traced back to the 1700s in Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia.


Because so many of our Dooley lines have crossed back in the 1700s and the paper trail seems to have ended, we decided to use DNA tests to see if any of these lines were connected. This should prove helpful in deciding directions for future research.


Our group decided to use the Y-chromosome DNA testing for males who carry the Dooley/Dooly/Duley (and alternate spellings) surname. The test type we chose uses a mouth swab sample from the participant. Each volunteer administered his own test using a swab provided to collect cells inside his cheek. The tests were then mailed back to our Coordinator who sent them on to the test site. We decided to use Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) as our testing facility. This company was founded primarily for test analysis for genealogical research. Our contact, Bennett Greenspan, works closely with Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona. They currently use 25 markers to measure DNA. More information on this company can be found at We have been quite pleased with this company and highly recommend their services.


Our project wanted to find two volunteers from each of the male family lines from the Virginia area. These ancestors were Thomas born ca1735, George born ca 1744, John born ca 1742, James born 1746, Moses born ca 1748, Samuel born ca 1749, Jacob born ca 1755, and James born ca 1760. We couldn't find two male descendants from all of these lines, but did manage to find 16 original volunteers from descendants who agreed to be tested.

Once we had our volunteers, we spent several weeks soliciting donations from the various Dooley descendants to sponsor these 16 volunteers for DNA testing. Our tests were mailed to FTDNA early in April 2001 with the preliminary results being sent to us around May 30, 2001.

Future Plans

We continue to test Dooley male descendants who may be related to one of our original groups. Each test is now done individually. We would like to see additional Dooley/Dooly/Duley descendants from other areas in the country tested (especially GA and NC) to see if their line may be connected. If you are interested, please contact our coordinator, Joyce Marschman at or go directly to FTDNA


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