This is all about God and His church,the truth as it is written in the Word of God and in the context it is written. This is NOT about religioun but about LIFE, and the abundant life that was promised by Jesus to His church.
If you want to have everything that God has for you then this is for you.
The time has come for the church and the sons of God to rise up out of their sleep and walk the walk as we were commanded. The links below will take you to different sections of the website as well as different messages. This site is still under construction and we will be adding more each day so please return for more.
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The current reformation and restoration of the church is shaking this world like nothing before in history. Even the reformation of Martin Luther will be nothing compared to what God is currently doing in the earth.
The minds of men are being completely renewed to this new day. The heavens and earth are being shaken and only those things build on the solid rock of Jesus Christ will remain. Man's theology and man's interpretation of the word is being swept aside as the Spirit of God is being poured out on the nations. Never before in the history of man was there as shaking like this ; 2Pet3:10:
"The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with great noise and the elements will be burnt up with great heat, both the earth and the works in it will be burnt up"

For years we have prayed for the fire of God to fall and it is starting to happen as the fire of God purges the heavenlies in the natural as well as the spiritual - and many will be caught unawares as they are still caught in up in religioun and not in what God doing in the earth.
Paul wrote to the Galation church in Chapter3 verses 26-29 that "when we were children, we were in bondage to the elements of the world" and chapter 4 verse 1-10 he asked them why they are turning again to the weak and beggarly elements to be in bondage again. We are called as sons of God to establish His kingdom and His power and His glory in the earth. I do not see a picture of a failing church that is in need of rescue, but an overcoming church that destroys and overcome every enemy - including death (1 Cor. 15). God is preparing His church to OVERCOME and this church will stop at nothing and shake the gates of hell and release the captives behind those gates. This is God's day and nothing will stop His plans and purposes from coming to pass. If you listen to the church right now - we see that most believe that satan is the one getting stronger and there is just the slightest possibility that God might lose this war. This is RIDICULOUS, God is sovereign and in His mind every plan and purpose is already fulfilled, we are living out the history of that and there is no way that He can fail. He is the creator and everything else the created and the created can and will never be able to war against God.

The word of God is not difficult to understand, we need to return to the simplicity that is found in Christ. When we look at the book of Revelation through the eyes of Adam or the flesh, it is frightening and appears to be the end of the world, but it is the end of Adam's world of his self life, of his dominion and the beginning of the Jesus' world. Adam's way is the broad way and many find - multitudes follow this deception. The way of Jesus is narrow and few find it, so don't think that the majority is always right.
God send His Son to this earth to bring the revelation of Jesus to Adam's world, this is the gospel and it leads to Abundant Life in Christ. Jesus came to show us that we are one with our Creator. Because of the seperation of the Head and the body we never experienced real life and that is what Jesus came to do - to restore us back into the original plan of God where we are one with Him and He with us. The natural mind cannot and will not understand the things of God for they are spiritually discerned. If this has got your attention feel free to visit our other pages on this site and please forward any questions to us.



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