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Warning: This site really has very little content or attention attatched to it, you are forwarned!

Hello all you web surfers out there and welcome to my domain. If you are here for the first time check it out it won't take long cause there isn't much at the moment and who knows how long it will be till there is something more that vaguely interesting so look around and if you have any thought's any thought at all don't hesitate to for the slightest moment E-mail me with questions complaints I just am curious if anyone actually has seen this site and lived to tell the tale.
  Anyway as I figure what exactly to put here things will change and hopefully get better. What this is right now those is my homepage my parent page if you will. What that means is it is a central location to which all the webpages and stuff that I can think of can be accessed from so all that will be here is general stuff. Ok enough said about that I'll just tell you now what the links actually go to.
  My Links- This goes to a list of links to sights that I think are worthy of being visited
  My Pages- This is were all my stuff that I have and will create will be located
  Comments- What it says a place to make comments if you don't feel up to E-mail
  F.A.Q.- Frequently Asked Questions this is were you can find answers to my most frequently asked questions            but if you don't find the answers you were looking for there. E-mail you questions to me.

April 7 2000-Well If you have ever been to my webpage before I'm surprised that you actually came back. Anyway what I am up to now with this site is I am making a Secret of NIMH page that basically going to be about anything that is related to the movie/book so if you be brave check it out and write to tell me what you think. I also am going to be putting updates right here so it takes less effort to see that there is nothing to see.

October 10, 2000- Wow, an update you say, well I wouldn't count this as an update although, I did add some page counters at the bottom. Although my Secret of NIMH page is looking rather nice nothing else has really changed.

April 2, 2003-Hey I did a major update April Fools! Seriously though folks I have made updates to this site inbetween now and 8/10/2000 but they have only been on my nimhpage so have not been reflected here. This really isn't an update but I realized that my e-mail address was incorrect so I'm risking death by spam by posting my new one. Anyway thats it, I don't really think anyone will notice.

July 7, 2005-You know I have know idea why I am even writing this. The probability than anyone will ever read it is so insignificant. But I am so I might as well get on with it. The main thing I'm changing is removing the 'wonderful' under construction graphic because well this site is most definitely not under construction and its only been building there for 5 years now? I'm kind of thinking of just leaving it there for the shear stupidity of it but... nope its gone and so is some broken webtracker thing. Yeah!

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