Chat with Y & R's Daivd Tom (Billy) and David Lago (Raul) - February 29, 2000

Chat Hostest By: Soap City

David Lago: Hello everybody. Welcome to the chat! Let's have a good time!
David Tom: Hi, how's everything going?

Queenie23_56 asks: What is it like working with such talented people as Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper?
David Tom: It's great. You couldn't ask for a better crew or better people to work with.
David Tom: They're a lot of fun and they give a lot of gifts!
David Tom: (Not like objects! haha)

writlov asks: How do the teen conflicts you portray compare to real teen conflicts?
David Lago: well, the current storyline actually happened to me pretty much the way it is coming across on screen. I did the whole best friend with the girlfriend thing in high school. I think the writers are doing a great job portraying it too. So far, I have lived every single conflict.
David Lago: I'm happy they are 'keeping it real'
David Tom: Pretty similar.
David Tom: I think most teens go through the same kind of stuff. The same problems arise in real life with relationships and family.

peaches99cream asks: What has been your favorite memory on the show so far?
David Lago: My very first scene with David Tom. I was supposively living in GC all this time and the first time I said the word "Genoa," I mispronounced it!
David Lago: Everybody laughed at me.
David Tom: That's a tough one. Every day's a new experience, a new little journey...
David Tom: I enjoy working with everybody. Doing the scene work every day is great. That's what I enjoy the most. Nothing really specific. In general, I love going to work.

jemstar6 asks: David(Raul) What will you do when you finally figure out Billy loves Mac and she feels the same?
David Lago: I don't know yet. We are not up to that point in the storyline. I am guessing that as innocent and nice as Raul is...he is going to be really hurt
David Lago: He probably would never fathom that though. He will be very disappointed.

NessaKy asks: David Tom, do you think the fact that Raul saved Billy's life will prevent Billy from acting on his feelings for Mac?
David Tom: I think it definitely puts a kink in his plans, but it wouldn't be true drama unless something drastic happened!

David Tom: I have a friend in mind who's going with me. Unfortunately it's not going to be too huge of a thing...I have a flight right after the ceremony. That night is not going to be a huge party night, but it will hopefully be exciting.
David Tom: This will be my first one.
David Tom: But thank you for the offer!

steph4c asks: David Lago: How often are you on the net and what are your favorite sites
David Lago: I hop on everyday to check my mail. I am not much of a web surfer though.
David Lago: I hop on to check mail and log off.

susiepd asks: How do you feel about Billy's current storyline with teenage alcohol?
David Tom: I think it's a cool storyline. I think it's a point in life that always needs to be looked at.
David Tom: Not too far from reality, especially--teenage drinking is a big thing for kids to do. It's an important issue that needs to be addressed and I'm glad to be a part of it.
David Tom: Playing these scenes--it's important work, and any support I could give to the other actors, I tried to give. David Lago: Well, I have to say it was probably the first time I've really had to cry. They were intense. The first scene or two I was getting upset with myself because I couldn't get there emotionally. I was trying too hard for tears..I took a break and felt it out. The next few days I was crying like a baby. It was a challenge and something new for me.
David Lago: When you are done with it all, you're completely drained. It's a big accomplishment

Covino97 asks: Mr. Lago, what is Ashley Bashioum like in comparson to Mac? Thanks! Anthony -- WEEB!
David Lago: She's a lot more cheerful in person.
David Lago: She's not always whinning about stuff. A very happy girl and a lot of fun to be around.

AndreaD_lucky asks: David Tom I remember during your last chat online you had said that your modem needed to be fixed, I was wondering if its up and running yet and have you ever gone online to see what's out there? From Andrea in Canada
David Tom: My modem has been fixed, but...
David Tom: I just moved to a different place and I haven't set my computer up yet. So i'm still out of the Internet world, but soon to be back. As soon as I find a place to put my computer.

peaches99cream asks: What is your dream car?
David Lago: Every year it changes. My dream car would be...something I would never drive on the street but a Diablo Lamborghini.
David Lago: I wouldn't own that even if I could afford it. If I bought it I would be scared to drive it.
David Tom: 540 BMW. I like those cars.
David Lago: I can't even drive a stick!

billy_fan_2000 asks: I was wondering if there is truth in the rumors that you David T is leaving the Young and the Restless for a role in starwars??? I hope not
David Tom: That's a rumor?
David Tom: There's a rumor on a web site?
David Tom: This is news to me but that would be a dream of mine. Star Wars is big for me. I love the whole series and I would LOVE to play Anakin Skywalker. That would be awesome.

AndreaD_lucky asks: Is there one person you look up to the most and admire? If so who and why have they inspired you? Andrea from Canada
David Lago: Robin Williams.
David Lago: He has always been my inspirtaion and the resaon why I started acting. Since I was 9 years old I have been a fan. I started acting when I was 15.
David Lago: I want to mold my career like his and someday work with him.

Tiggy_tiger asks: David Tom, I just wanted to say I love you as a actor. When do you think we will see you and Mac have your first kiss?
David Tom: Very soon.

mrsteffen asks: Tom, how do you enjoy working on the same show as your older sister "Heather"?
David Tom: I haven't done any scenes with her yet. I love working on the same show as Heather, and hopefully we'll be doing some scenes together.
David Tom: It's nice having somebody there to talk to, to get a critique from a sibling who will tell you exactly what they think.
David Tom: Hopefully I'm the same way with her.

Covino97 asks: David Lago, you are so awesome! You sent me a great signed photo when I wrote, plus an awesome Christmas card! Thanks! What do hope is in Raul's future?
David Lago: To renew the contract :)
David Lago: Kidding
David Lago: I hope that there's a little more drama. I wanna find out what's going on with my household. I just want to find out a little more about where Rual comes from. What makes him such a nice guy.
David Lago: His past, I'd have to say

billy_fan_2000 asks: David (Billy) your birthday is soon. How are you planning to celebrate? Is there anything special your hoping to get?
David Tom: Me and my sister Nicole are going to rent out some club or something like that and throw some kind of party...not really quite sure. It's March 23.
David Tom: The big 22.

MrsWBP asks: Do you feel that the others who were at the party should be "punished" in some way, such as JT, for not calling 911 right away when Billy was lying in the snow near death?
David Tom: I would think that they would be punished in some sort of way.
David Tom: Maybe not from my parents, but from Raul and myself. It would be nice to understand what they think and see some kind of reconciliation.

leigh_hicks asks: Does Y&R's contract prevent you guys from doing commercials?
David Lago: Hmm. I don't know...everybody has different contracts.
David Lago: For my first year...I am exclusive to the show. After that they are a little more flexible.
David Lago: If they could work me around it with no conflicts then they would probably let me do it.
David Lago: They aren't there to prevent us from working.

karen_blond asks: Do you all hang out when you are not working?
David Lago: Yeah we hang
David Tom: Yeah, we go out.
David Lago: cause a little trouble...
David Tom: We get in some trouble...

i_luv_skippy asks: David Tom was that you in Pleasantville?
David Tom: Yes it was.

SoapCity_Rose: The question is, what kind of things do you like to do when you're not acting?
David Lago: I like to write. I write screenplays and have been writing 2 over the last couple years with my friend Roy. I write music and play giataur and drums. I like to hang out with friends.
David Lago: Chill out and relax. Make it a BlockBuster night.
David Tom: I'm usually doing something pertaining to acting: class, school...
David Tom: For the most part...I have a group of friends and we'll do whatever...clubs, chillin', hanging out at somebody's house.
David Lago: I dont do the club stuff that much.

karen_blond asks: Are you guys able to walk around in public anymore and how do you feel about the success and lack of privacy
David Lago: Yeah. I am able to walk around. I get recognized but it is not to the point of Michael Jackson or anything. I don't get mobbed.
David Lago: Where I live (small town) it isn' t like it is in Hollywood.
David Lago: Where I live you don't see anything...maybe a couple deer!
David Lago: You don't expect to see a star l;ike you do here in Hollywood
David Lago: It's not that's fun. Never to the point when you get mobbed
David Tom: I don't mind it at all. It's nice to have somebody come up to you and tell you you're doing a good job. It's like a reward. And it's inspirational. I know people enjoy my work. It's a sort of high.

NessaKy asks: What's the story with Raul's homelife? The few times it has been mentioned, it sounded like there are problems there.
David Lago: I'd like to know just as much as you would. Right now, they are not going into Raul's homelife.
David Lago: I am hoping soon that they bring in my parents.

Tiggy_tiger asks: I really liked when you two sang at Crimson Lights ..are we going to see more of that? I'd like to.
David Lago: Gosh
David Tom: I'm not quite sure. There's nothing in the near future...but you never know what the writers have up their sleeves. Sure as hell hope not! Just kidding.
David Lago: haha...right right.

Amy Smith from Chi-town asks: Do you have any input regarding the teen storyline?
David Lago: Input with storylines? Last week I had an hour chat with the head writer and I wan't giving "input" but I did give her some thoughts. She liked it.

Frog4N6 asks: How many extras play your classmates at the school? I'm always seeing the same 5-10 people milling around the hallways!
David Tom: That's probably because there are only 5-10 extras!
David Tom: The producers try to circulate the background. Every once in a while they change the people...
David Tom: Hopefully you're not paying too much attention to the background!

freakie_momma asks: David Lago: Are you going to end up being Nina's lost child?
David Lago: I don't know. I have heard that rumor many times too. I did bring that to the attention of the head writer and she hadn't heard that.
David Lago: I hope so. That would definately be story and a half!

sherbear_2000_2000 asks: If you could work with anybody else on the show, who would it be?
David Lago: I doubt it could happen but I would love to work with Don Diamont. I like the choices that he makes. I think that I'd love to have a chance to play off of him.
David Lago: Great experience.

loulou_000_2000 asks: David Tom: What's your favorite tropical drink?
David Tom: I don't drink anymore!
David Tom: I don't know...I like Sex on the Beach.
David Lago: She said drink bro...

Queenie23_56 asks: Do you ever try to make each other crack up while doing serious scenes?
David Lago: No no. I never try to make anyone laugh. I am the worst. Once I get started I can't stop.
David Lago: Sometimes it happens. I don't want to be known as the guy who messes poeople up.

applecom asks: David Tom, were you in an episode of Party of Five playing a drummer?
David Tom: Yes I was.

d_piglet asks: Do the veteran actors on the show ever give you acting tips?
David Lago: No. Everybody trusts each other which is good. Although they have been there for a long time, I am sure they are ready to do anything. They are professionals.
David Lago: They are ready for anything you have to throw at them. Jess Walton did help me out on one of my scenes. I am always ready to listen to what they have to say.

rodney_rory asks: Why did Brittney not go to the hospital with Billy- isn't she suppose to be the girlfriend?
David Tom: She is. But that question will be answered very soon.

lindafo7493 asks: Would either of you have a "friend" like JT?
David Lago: NO.
David Lago: I would never have a friend like that. I want a friend with a good head on his shoulders.
David Lago: I don't like people who get themselves into stupid situations.
David Lago: These poeple have nothting to loose and they are the type of people who will take you down with them.
David Lago: Yeah, he just isn't a trustworthy guy.

AndreaD_lucky asks: Has anything bizzare ever happen to you while filming on the set of Y&R? Perhaps you have a blooper story to tell us about? Love Andrea from Canada
David Tom: Well I haven't been on the show very long...
David Tom: But, I guess you could say a blooper happened when they turned out all the lights during one scene, to pull a joke...
David Tom: When I go to work I go there to work. I do what I have to do and get it done, even though it's a lot of fun, lots of laughs...they joke around a little bit, but it's not like super-blooper.

hispanic2000_99 asks: As a Hispanic I was curious to if David Lago was, are you?
David Lago: yeah. I am. Cubian 100%
David Lago: Both parents born in Cuba and I was born here.
David Lago: We are first generation born down here

Hippyangel_99 asks: If you would like to have any kind of special guest star on YR who would it be?
David Tom: I would have one of my idols, like Robert DeNiro... One of my goals in life is to do something with him--I think he's a great actor. Eventually I'd like to co-star with him. That's a dream.

stang_93_2000 asks: Do you have any pets?
David Tom: I have a miniature dachsund hound named Sam. He's two.
David Lago: Yes I have two dogs. I chahuahua (14 months) and a German spitz that is 13 14 years old... 3 cats, and a big bird house with about 150 parrots.

sebastian14_2000 asks: David Tom : Billy was born in 1993. Why does he look 17 years old in 2000 ?
David Tom: Welcome to daytime television. They age characters because at certain ages there's not too much drama going on...
David Tom: They age the characters to spice up the drama.
David Lago: There's a lot of drama with 16 and 17!

Queenie23_56 asks: David Lago- I heard you love Counting Crows. SO do I, have you ever seen them live?
David Lago: No I haven't.
David Lago: I have heard they are amazing in concert. I think Adam is a lyrical genius. One of the most talented writers out there
David Lago: Maybe it's becuase I like to write poetry. Maybe one day I will be able to do that.

westraine asks: David Tom: how do you feel about your soap award nom.?
David Tom: I'm very excited about it. Like I said earlier, hopefully the night will be very exciting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We'll see...

quiles555 asks: David Lago, where did you go for acting? How did you get your start in the business?
David Lago: I studied couple different places...with some guys in Studio City that my manager recommended then another. My dad was in the business for a while. I said I really wanted to do this and go myself a manager and started to go to auditions

angie_twins asks: I love robert deniro;what is your favorite movie by him?
David Tom: Raging Bull. Taxi Driver. The Awakening. You name it...
David Tom: He's an incredible actor.

melwill20 asks: What is your favorite Disney movie, I had this discussion with some girlfriends and we think it's really cute and sexy when a guy can sit back and enjoy a good kids movie!
David Lago: Ok.
David Lago: I'd say my favorite is between Lion King and Alladin
David Lago: It is awkward that I am admitting this on the internet
David Lago: No explaination
David Lago: Jasmine is HOT!
David Lago: :)
David Lago: I don't know why we haven't seen her lately...but she's a great actress...haha

pittsburghmort asks: what's it like having a vet like Eileen Davidson as a sis--DTom?
David Tom: It's great.
David Tom: Working with the people who have been on the show for a long time is awesome.

lisa93703 asks: Tom: You did an interview about weight loss on soaps. Do you still think there's too much emphasis on that?
David Tom: I think there's too much emphasis in the business on weight. Too much emphasis on a lot of things. We should stress talent and good work more than we actually do.
David Lago: You go boy
David Lago: I can't top that

FHC E.KELLY asks: What do you plan to do in the future in acting and the business?
David Tom: I plan to explore every aspect of acting--from theater to feature films.
David Tom: I think features excite me the most. It's definitely something I want to get into later on in my career. Everything, even down to Improv.
David Tom: I had an improv group awhile back--Achille's Heel.
David Lago: My long term goal has always been to do film. Part of that is...I don't want to retire ever...I wanna see how many different character I can rack up by the time I die.
David Lago: Characters like Robin Williams. He has so many. None are the same. Jonny Depp too. He pulls it off. Wide variety
David Lago: I want to do it all ultimately. Acting is my main priority right now. If I have to write my own movie just to get my work out there. .. I will do it but once I have a name...I'll stop.
David Lago: But I don't want to be David Lago "the writer." I am David Lago "the actor"

youngandtherestlessfanforever asks: David Tom: Who is your favorite actress and why?
David Tom: That's a tough one. Let me think. Oh boy, I'm drawing a blank. There are quite a few.
David Tom: Sigourney Weaver. I like her work. She was great in the Alien trilogy.

jrt_17_2000 asks: David Lago: Did I just read that you like to write poetry because I am a writer..I write lyrics which I cant get into the right persons the end of my writings you will notice that you and have the same initials isnt that ironic!
David Lago: Yeah. I do write poetry but I haven't written in a while. I haven't had all that much time lately. I used do more back in my High School years with all my drama...with girls and stuff

iowa_girly asks: What's your favorite TV shows?
David Tom: I love That 70's Show. It's a fun show to watch.
David Tom: My favorite channel is actually The Discovery Channel. Lots of cool programs.
David Tom: But I actually don't watch that much TV.
David Lago: I like the Simpsons.
David Lago: I like talk shows...the Conan O'Brian show.
David Lago: The Simpsons are funny as hell. If you know your is a book smart cartoon. There is poetry and old movies and a ton of references.
David Tom: Thanks very much for asking the great questions.
David Tom: Stay tuned because there's a lot of exciting stuff coming up.
David Lago: Thanks for loggin in and chatting. We'll catch you next time. There's going to be a lot of really neat and exciting stuff going on soon.

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