whats disc golf?
What is Disc Golf ?
Disc Golf is played just like the traditional variety (you know, with a bag of clubs and that tiny white ball...), only you use a Frisbee. Eighteen elevated baskets catch the Frisbees much like holes in the ground catch golf balls. The goal is the same, to complete the course in the fewest number of shots. Most importantly the challenge is the same because golf is golf, no matter what shape the tools. Missing short putts still drives you nuts and a perfect drive still makes you feel fabulous.

Disc Golf encourages top mental and physical conditioning, but can be played by anyone. Players merely match their pace to their capabilities to pursue fun and fitness for their lifetime. Disc Golf may be played alone allowing great flexibility in scheduling. The courses are short enough that they can be played in an hour. The basic requirement for playing Disc Golf is remarkably simple. All you need is a golf disc that can be purchased for under ten dollars and used over and over again.

Disc Golf is easy to learn. Most people understand the principles of ball golf and these carry over into Disc Golf. Beginners invariably find throwing a Frisbee much easier to pick up than striking a golf ball. Entire families can play together! Kids love things that fly, and modern golf discs are aerodynamic marvels.

Over the last decade millions of people have joined the fitness boom; jogging in circles, riding bicycles that go nowhere, lifting weights and attending deafening aerobics classes. Few people can put themselves through this kind of torture for very long. Experts predict that in the next decade people will turn to fitness sports like Disc Golf that are fun and good for you at the same time.

One important thing that ball and Disc Golf have in common is that they are both played in beautiful settings. Getting people out of the high stress environment of the business world and in contact with nature is critical to good health. The high incidence of stress related illness is one of America's greatest health challenges and contributes to high insurance rates. A healthy body is essential to a healthy mind, and Disc Golf promotes both.

Reprinted with the permission of the PDGA

Where does this MINI-sota thing fit in?
Perfectly. . . just a smaller version of a regulation Disc Golf Pole Hole, but intended for indoors as well as the great outdoors. A MINI-sota pole hole is designed for discs 3-4 inches in diameter. With one mini pole hole you can simply play the game of "horse, pig, etc". With three or more targets, a round of golf can be played in a average sized residental yard by creative methods of altering hole positions or reversing direction and so on. If you live in a frisbee neighborhood here is your chance to give MINI-sotas as presents and then have opportunity to share the wealth with friends to build you're own impromptu course. Over the years I have always enjoyed the indoor version in a large house that used the upstairs, downstairs and everything in between. Go ahead and keep yours in the living room that way you will keep your putting game razer sharp.

Be a trendsetter, start the frisbee® flow in your town. . . neighborhood. . . yard. . . house. . . living room. . .

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