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The "Perfect" Miniature Pole Hole

look to the leftShown to the left is your guide to the following analysis of widely available miniature pole holes. This is just a schematic drawing but all pictures below in the left column have been scaled to show accurate sizing proportions. The graphics may be recognized by some of you old timers as derived from the "Disc Golfer" artwork used in Joe Feidt's run as PDGA newsletter editor. Your take-away from this paragraph should be knowing these five key dimensions of a disc golf target.

look to the rightThe graphic chart to the right is called a "radar" chart. Oooh, ahha. The equal sided purple pentagon representation a perfectly proportioned pole hole at 45% of a full sized target. Each corner "axis" of the pentagon pictorially represents the corresponding dimension described by the label on the perimeter. A larger amount of color means the target is bigger and vica versa. The outer pentagon outline indicates a feature is 50% bigger than perfect and the center of the pentagon is 0%, hence the labels in percentages.

The perfect sized mini basket

The Mini-sota Pole Hole

look to the leftShown here is a yellow discs and black chain colored model. The inner set of chains follow the classic mach II design. The base is wider than the basket of the target for stability. The basket is made of disc rim and rim pieces welded together at melting temperature for an adhesive-free bond.

look to the right4 of the 5 proportion criteria are at or slightly above the perfect model. The target dimensions are well balanced with only the basket diameter being undersized. If there was an ideal sized production disc of the right size and quality I would be using it.

Well balanced exceeding 100% in 4 of 5 categories

The Disc Covering the World Pole Hole

look to the leftThis is an actual shot of what they are. Rather small and chincy in design. Only one set of chains with a shallow basket can only mean on thing, tough to shoot at. I don't own one of these but I've even heard that there isn't any reinforcement in the basket or top assembly discs like a Mini-sota. The base is narrower than the basket.

look to the rightLook and see, all dimensions are undersized with a complete disrespect for basket depth. Believe me when I was first developing my targets back in 1986 the single disc basket didn't work.

Under 100% in all categories, especially basket depth

The Ching Pole Hole

look to the leftThis is an actual shot of one that I own. Rather small and cute in design. Only one set of chains but a good deep basket. This target is so small it is difficult to have a disc pass through the chains. I haven't had any bounce out like a single disc affair on the DCW model. The base is wider than the basket so it's pretty stable but there is only three legs rather than the more common quad system. Included with the basket is a canvas bag like the bags that carry collapsible chairs. The upper and lower sections do seperate and collapse like an umbrella, rather compact.

look to the rightUnder sized and oversized. Harder to shoot at than a MINI-sota for sure but when you do hit'em they will stick. The chain height is 15% shorter than a DCW and 30% smaller than a MINI-sota.

Undersized in the width and height of chain, heavy chain but not enough of it.

Summarization Chart:
Check it out, each dimension and an average value to summarize.  Ching comes close but makes up for other deficencies with a extra deep basket.

You decide. Not everyone will want the best mini pole hole made of discs for catching discs. You now have the knowledge, now make your choice.

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