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Miniature Pole Hole History
In the beginning there was the Frisbee pie tin and it was good. . . then there was Fred Morrison's plastic pluto platter flying disc and it was better, but the best came in 1957 with Whamo's Frisbee® flying discs. And it appears that history has repeated itself again. Now lets just concentrate on Disc Golf. Again. . . In the beginning there was the DGA Disc Pole Hole® flying disc catcher. . . then there was Gregg Hosfeld's fan cover style mini pole hole and it was better, but in 1986, the best was the creation of the MINI-sota Pole Hole.

At that time, I owned a Gregg Hosfeld style fan cover style mini pole hole purchased from Disc Covering the world. A few months earlier I began using the top of this basket as a resting spot for my Giant Saucer Tosser (GST). Then it dawned on me that this fit of convenience was more than just a coincidence. All of a sudden the idea of making a pole hole out of Frisbees to catch Frisbees was a rather cool thing to have in my living room in St. Paul, MN! So there ya go, I started purchasing pieces at the local hardware store and my first two mini pole holes that I made were made out of GST's (giant saucer tossers). But, since the availability of GSTs was limited, I turned my attention to making them from Sky Stylers and 165's followed up by Ultra Stars in production mode. At first the basket simply was an upside down disc and it obviously was not going to work (but DCW sells them that way. . and their stealing my concept is another story). As you can see on todays model I added the welded on rim, that added allot of reliability and brought them more into proportion with the regulations baskets. Since then there has been other small improvements that make it a world class miniature pole hole!

MINI-sota Pole Hole Sales History
Here is the MINI-sota Pole Hole ® sales record since signing a formal licensing agreement with the Disc Golf Association on August 23, 1989 at the fly mart of the World Disc Golf Championship in Waterloo, IA.

This chart doesn't include the 27 unlicensed sales between 1986 and the start of licensed sales.
Year Quantity
1990  30
1991  33
1992  42
1993  61
1994  20
1995  30
1996  63
1997  28
1998  79
1999  80
2000  117
2001  101
2002  54
2003  28
2004  23
2005  24
2006  15
This is the sticker placed on each MINIsota base My licensing agreement with the DGA, the holder of the Pole Hole patent, is currently a 5% royalty payment on each sale. If you want to see what the pole hole® patents are all about you can see them them at Dephion . Then cut and paste in any of these patent numbers in at the search box:
  • 4039189 is the original (mach 1) Pole Hole patent.
  • 4461484 is the mach 2 patent.
  • 4792143 is the mach 3 patent.
  • 5868395 is the most recent basket patent.
  • MINI-sota may not be on the Fortune 500 list, but there is hundreds of these cute little hummers in use worldwide!

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