construction fine points
Construction of a MINI-sota Pole


  • Spotless piping- all ink marks and discoloration removed from outer surface, even sticker goop
  • Fixtured cutting- all discs and piping are cut with repeatable fixtures for consistent parts
  • Fused cut edges on discs- center holes on top and bottom discs are fused to prevent peeling
  • Screwed assembly of top disc- decorative mini on the top solidly assembled as a removable part
  • Each unit serialized- every target has it's own serial number
  • Collapsible assembly- parts can be re-arranged into a self contained unit less than ½ square foot
  • Hand welded basket- I don't think these could be machine assembled anyway
  • Zinc plated silver chain- The brand "Acco" that is used has a bright durable finish
  • Packed with care- shipped with recycled packing peanuts and bubble wrap
  • Years of testing- have been made and refined since 1986
  • Sheet metal support- cut with a circular shears and mounted underneath upper and lower discs
  • De-burred sheet metal- hand filed to remove all sharp edges
  • First class parts- discs used are Discraft "Ultra Stars"

    DGA (tri-state) MINI-sota Proportion
    Disc Size 8-¼" 3-¾" 45%
    "A" 21" 10-¾" 51%
    "B" 34-½" 19-½" 57%
    "C" 5-½" 3" 55%
    "D" 21" 10-½" 50%
    "E" 25-½" 10" 39%

    The picture to the left with chart below shows the accuracy to which a MINI-sota Pole hole follows the proportions of a regulation Pole Hole®. The picture shows 5 critical dimensions relative to the functioning of a flying disc catching device. I have taken dimensions from a Tri-State portable pole hole and compared them to a MINI-sota pole hole.

    The row labeled "Disc Size" was determined by comparing the minimum regulation golf disc diameter versus the diameter of a mini sport flyer, so 45% would be the ideal scaling figure. Looking at the rest of the rows you can see how accurate each critical measurement is. The dimensions "D" and "E" are the product of using Discraft's Ultra Stars, while I have determined by judgment the values of "A" thru "C". Some people have asked for a taller version. But I choose to maintain as many of the proportions as possible, as well as the fact that the pieces do fit well in the 12" x 12" x 6" boxes that are used for shipping.

    One man on a mission to create the best mini pole hole made with discs in the world!

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