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Welcome to the site!

This is our chicken house web site. We
live in Atlanta, Georgia and got hooked
on the idea of chickens by a few friends
who also have chickens.  One likes to
hand party guests a hen with their martini.

We simply enjoy fresh eggs and the urban barnyard antics.  We have several hens and a rooster, usually not recommended for the city but we told the neighbors to let us know if he wakes them up.  To me there is  nothing like his  announcement of a new day.  They sleep in the coop but for most days they have the run of the yard.  Luckily we have lots of space but if anyone knows a way to keep them out of the vegetable beds (short of erecting a 3 foot barrier), let me know!  Thanks for visiting, please sign the guest book and come  back soon
The chicken house, a 6 x 10 structure enclosed with Hardware Cloth and secured with much concrete underground.
Ginger and Cinnamon, the first two occupants.  We are thinking a maximum of 6 hens and 1 rooster.  We'll see how the neighbors like the rooster crowing.
Ginger and Cinnamon with nest boxes and roosts. Still experimenting with what they like: 2 x 4 versus tree branches.  The first couple of nights they roosted on top of the nest box, it's cooled off and they've moved inside the nest box.  They prefer the trough feeder without the top on but seem to spill more food.
The newest additions to the coop: we were told  by a local farmer that these are 1 month old  Barred
Rock Hens.  Hoping we don't get any rooster!
We also have a turtle pond!  On the left of the fountain is a year old slider. To the right is a hatchling  (look closely - just below the black hose). They are the size of  a quarter when they hatch, the shell of the year old is a few inches, the young one is maybe an inch. 
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