Kamaraj Azeem Phinn

Finn is a Pharaoh Hound.  Pharaohs originated in Egypt and are one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds.  Remember the big-eared dog on ancient Egyptian tombs?  That's how the breed got its name.  It is thought that Pharaoh Hounds were later introduced to the island of Malta by Phoenician traders. Here the breed is known as Kelb-tal-Fenek ("rabbit dog") and is the national dog of the country.

Pharaoh Hounds are quick learners (both good and bad things!), intelligent and affectionate with their families.  They have a wonderful temperament and they make a good family dog as long as they are well socialized as a pup.  This isn't a breed for everyone, however.  They require lots of time and devotion as they are a very social and active dog. They love to be with their family members at all times and are always in the mood to play.  I once heard someone refer to them as "Velcro dogs" which is a perfect description!  Finn follows us everywhere--he even sits outside the bathroom door! Pharaohs also need a lot of exercise.  Daily walks or jogs are a must as are opportunities to run in a safe, enclosed environment  such as a fenced in yard or dog park. As with any dog, it is best to do some research first to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle. To learn more about this beautiful breed, visit the
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Here are some photos of Finn.  Look around and enjoy!
6 weeks old       9 weeks old     12-14 weeks old

4-7 months old   8-10 months old
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