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Color Field Stables
Color Field Stables is involved in many aspects of the model horse hobby.

The top project right now selling off some of the herd, since being a Pre-Veterinary student, training real horses, and running a drill team (at Oregon State University; come ride with us, students!) is taking up a good chunk of my time.  So check out my
sales list!  I will accept trades (see my want list) and offers.

The back-burner project is creating 'bio' pages for each of the horses on my S/D list so you can see all of their info and what they look like in one spot.  The
S/D list as a whole is kind of dormant right now but will be updated as I have time.  Breeding requests, however, will still be accepted.  Remember, all online breedings to CFS' hundreds of horses of dozens of breeds, including multiple champions, are always free!  My color genetics page may be helpful in deciding which parents to use for your foal (ask me questions directly if you want any further clarification).  If you have orphans that you'd like me to choose the parents for, I'm quite willing to do that as well!

CFS is a member of several model horse
webrings; check out some of the other awesome member sites!

I volunteer at
Bradley's Equine Assisted Therapeutic Riding Center and have helped with their fundraising through benefit shows.  Please visit the site of this organization that provides hippotherapy for the handicapped to find out how else you can help!

about my model horses:
I began collecting Breyer models in late 1997.  My first model was #481 Reflections Spanish Mustang, who I chose because he looked old and sweet like my real horse.  He was soon followed by #975 Best Choice, who is still one of my favorites for his sharply contrasting color.  My collection has now grown to over 150 Breyer & Stone models, which I like to enter in photo & live shows when I can find the time. I'm in college now, Pre-Vet, so the models are taking a bit of a backseat. But I still love to talk horses; feel free to
drop me a line about anything equine! 

and my judging qualifications:
have personally held 27 photo shows
Model Equine Photo Show Association approved judge (requires 5 references)
State Champion and nationally placed 4-H Horse Judging contestant
currently available as a 4-H/open (real) horse show judge with references and 4-H Apprentice reviews on file

all photos on this site (c) Megan Jurasek 2005.  Please do not use without permission; these are, by and large, my personal models' show photos!
Featured Horse:


12 year old muddy dun Spanish Barb stallion
Breyer porcelain
photo show champion (halter)
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