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Professor Charlie, Slytherin (PC)

is in her fourth year of being headmistress. As a Slytherin, she has learned to rely on clever strategy in order to survive in a world torn between darkness and light. Her diplomatic skills have earned her the respect, but also the suspicions of the pure-blood wizard families on either side. One of her fields of expertise is rune magick. Her most valuable possession is a wand fashioned out of the horn and hair of a unicorn, which she imbued with the powers of the Elder Futhark.
Wanna hear some gossip? People say she had - or still has? - a steamy affair with Professor Snape. But you haven't heard that from me, ok?


Yahoo and Meez avatars created by Charlie.

Want your own avatar? Please mention my Meez username: slytherinlady when you sign up - you and me will both get some coins!







Professor Wolf, Gryffindor (PC)

Care of Magical Creatures teacher, is an unregistered animagus. In fact, she did try to register, but since the necessary form only has a blank for *one* animal form while Professor Wolf can turn into virtually every animal, the Ministry did not accept her registration. Red tape in the wizarding world...

Self-portrait, by Professor Wolf




Lord Saris-ap-Llewellyn, Hufflepuff (PC)

is the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Lord Saris ap Llewellyn used to be the mentor of Professor Asmodis, Hogsmeade's first DADA teacher. When Lord Saris heard that Asmodis's body had been taken to Avalon, he left Llewellyn Castle and flew to Hogsmeade High on the most old-fashioned broom you've ever seen, bringing his own tea and his butler, convincing Headmistress Charlie that he was indispensable to her school. He teaches Astrology, Arithmancy and DADA. The safest way to get on his bad side is to call him "Professor" because "A Lord will always be a Lord!" 

Yahoo avatar for Lord Saris-ap-Llewellyn, created by Charlie




Professor Snape, Slytherin (NPC)

As if he needed an introduction. After Professor Marlene, Hogsmeade High's Potions teacher, left for an assignment in France, Headmistress Charlie asked him to consider teaching the art of potion-making to prospective aurors at her school. He grudgingly agreed after Dumbledore urged him to take the position - but that doesn't mean he enjoys it, especially with that insufferable Harry Potter around.


This original work was especially drawn for Hogsmeade High by the wonderful Jacksl. 
Thank you for your generosity with your time and talent. Please visit the artist at Jacksl at DeviantArt




 PC=player character, NPC=non-player character


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