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Summer School

Hogsmeade High usually takes a break from classes in August.
For those students staying at the school over the
summer, Hogsmeade High has a lot to offer.

Open Lectures
Open Lectures are held in subjects not normally taught at HH (for example, Crystallogy or Stealth and Tracking). Anyone can participate and get extra house points if they come up with an answer first.

Creature Challenges

Professor Wolf, our Care of Magical Creatures teacher, is going to ask some interesting questions about the animal kingdom - a great way to earn extra points for your house!

Introduction to Wizard Chess

Learn how to play this highly strategic game - with a twist.

Hogsmeade High Magical Book Club

There's more than just Harry Potter when it comes to wizards and witches in our favourite books (or television series). Let's talk about them!

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