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Proud to be a Delaware Indian

Welcome to probably the only Delaware Indian left, that is living in Arizona.

History: After the Delaware reservation was closed, the government gave my father, a small home in Bridgeport, New Jersey. It consisted of 2 rooms, 1 bedroom and the other a kitchen of sorts. We did have a hand pump outside w/pump box and we also had an outhouse. (Toilet a one seater.) The Government broke up the Delaware tribe. The tribe is not even recognized but by a few of us that are left. I was born in the home in Bridgeport, NJ in 1938. My family was very poor and my Father always told me, " never forget your Heritage, as you will be one of the few Delaware Indians left "He was right, the Government sure split us up, and there are less than 4,000 of us left.
But I am Proud to be a Delaware Indian!

Delaware Indian Seal

{Survey status ages 10 to 17 mostly Junior High Students, searching American Indian Culture for book reports, and working on Craft projects.}

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