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This number plus 2479...I did an exact count today from when it kept getting deleted.
Hello and welcome to the insanity! 
My site holds my fanfics, my sprite comics and anything else I deem I can't live without.  Often, you will hear me rant about something, so feel free to laugh at me.
Updates will be weekly, and I can't give a solid date on comic completion because my life just got thrown into a blender and it's EVERYWHERE, so I'll do what I can in my spare time and hopefully get some comics up.
Email me comments, suggestions, rants, credit card numbers, fan art, fan comics, even your own fanfiction.  Odds are, it'll get put up. 
RULES:  No bitmap, no jpg or jpeg.  File cannot be OBSCENELY huge, and if for some reason I don't find your submission acceptable, I'll let you know why within a week of it's recieval...I'll also let you know when it's put up.
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Well people, I must say it's been fun.
You might have noticed that I haven't gotten anything put up here in a long time.
It's because school and life suddenly got very busy.

I originally started this webpage on a whim because I was bored during the summer...and now I don't have time to work on it much anymore due to my busy schedule.
Seriously, I have to schedule in when I work on my stories.
So, I'm going to leave this site as is, and I'll see you all sometime after June 1st.
Until then.


Random Funny Comic starring Shadow and Sonic.

I've added a few non-STH stories to my collection of works-in-progress, if you wanna read them go

me here.

Hark!  Who is that stalking across the plains?  It is Asika, wielding a large scapel, and her voice cometh:
"I'm going to knock you to Wienerwalden and then steal your lederhosen!"
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I shall say this once...the first person who emails me and flames me for using mainly fan characters and then COMPLAINS because they didn't take the forty seconds to read about the characters....that person....WILL DIE BY MY HAND!

Meet the Characters
Meet all the fan characters I use...fan characters are nice because then I can kill them off on a whim if I so chose...eh...wait...I actually put that in writing?  Opps  ^^;

Sprite Comics    #9 is up


Thanks and Credit

COMPLETE and TOTAL title of Asika

Greetings...I am Duncan McChao...and ye be down at the bottom of the page why?

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