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"Fascinating Robin, but not as we know it," declared Mr Spock after he read some of my scribble on the back of a Ritz menu.
"Looks like reptilian toilet paper from Zeta Rediculous," continued Spock.
Spock's ears twitched as he held up the paper to the filth analyser.
"The Central Scrutinizer will have to see this," he chimed.
"Who?...No No I'm not Dr Who...My name is Robin," I insisted.
"HHHmmm, you sound like a bit of a hood to me, Merry Hood and his Robbin Men?" he accused.
"J'accuse! Go and talk to Graham Greene," said I.
"You want to write film scripts for James Bond Films and you hardly ever watch Star Trek!" Spock's gloved hand slapped down hard on his consul.
"I think you are an alien!
Look at your interests:- Aviation,Travel,Ballet, Languages,Films,Football,Pre-Raphaelite Art,Archaeology,UFO,s,Russian Culture, Brasilian Culture,Lap Dancers,Brasilian Fashion Models,Astrology,Psychology, Para-Psychology,Area51,Naval Battles,Classical Music,Brasilian Music,Spying!!!!!
Spying!!!! Smyert Spionam-'Death to Spies'!"
"Spock I've had enough of you I'm taking Dana Scully down the pub for a pint'" I spluttered.
"You're weird Robin, really weird," said Spock.

If you are looking for a James Bond script you could go to a professional.
On the other hand you could contact me on and find a portal in time/space.......

Short Sories:-
(1)A politically INCORRECT story about Southern Florida.
KEY WEST -or 'a funny thing happened to me and my friend on the way to the beach.'

(3)BRASIL ! (Sex is great. If you can get it!)

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