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Hi, my name is Bryan Bradley and I have put this site together to share the enjoyment that I gain from my hobby of radio control flying. As you can see above, I am a South African who has adopted the UK as my new home, this is thanks to my grandfather who came from Northern Ireland. 

I would like to share this site and the information that I have collected with others who share my interests as well as those who would like some information to get started in this great hobby. Some of the information is from my own experiences and knowledge some gained from the knowledge base of others in the hobby. I would like to thank those who knowingly (or unknowingly) contributed and hope that they are willing to let me share this knowledge with others.

I will be updating this site as regularly as possible to keep things interesting and to provide as much information as possible.

            This takes you to a page with a list of articles and info for the beginner and other interests in R/C.

            The photos page has a list of photos of club members model planes and crashes.

            These are links that I have found useful to myself. I will also eventually include many other links.

            This link takes you to the pages of the South African club I was a member of as well as my current club in the UK.

            All about me. (As if you really wanted to know!!)

    Link to BMFA                                                                                                                    To Contact Me.


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