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Once upon a time a young couple was looking for a new dog.  They knew they
wanted a long hair Belgian.  The man wanted a black
one, preferably a male, and the lady wanted a female terv.  The compromise
was a male terv named Bear. He was our first
Belgian Tervuren and he was more dog
than we thought possible.  He was so impressive in everything he did!  We
were hooked.  From the first ride home in the cab of our
truck,crying the whole 3 hours, I knew there were no other breeds out
there for me.
   Bear(Ch.Greyowls Tamtan Baron of Wascana cdx) was entered in a couple of
shows, on the advice of friends, and did very
  well!  By now we were being exposed to other Belgians and realized that
Bear wasn't a fluke - all Belgians have that great
  personality, style and intelligence.  We decided to get another and Lexi
came into our lives.  She would work herself to
  exhaustion if asked, and if not the showiest Belgian in the world, she
made up for it with a huge heart which is a trait
  she passed on to her offspring.  Bear and Lexis first litter was born and
we were ecstatic!  I remember wanting a farm so
  that we didn't have to part with any of the pups, but, alas, they all
went to good homes and we got frequent updates on their
   Over the years we had a few more litters, tried and trialed everything
we could, herding, personal protection, flyball,
agility, dog demos, and of course obedience and conformation.  The
versatility of these dogs amazes us still.
Hometerv is a small hobby kennel located in McLean, Saskatchewan. As a family we strive on having dogs with sound mind and bodies to be used as performance dogs and show dogs. Our dogs grow up in the house with us surrounded with lots of love and attention.  Puppies occasionally.
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