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The One True Church of the Cosmic Creator (CCC)


The Planetary University of Cosmic Sciences

    Hear, Oh Zion andLet All the Angels proclaim that I am the Messiah of a New Religion which corrects Christianity and Islam and Mormonism.  I am the Truth which Ihavebecome, the undivided only Grandson of Jesus Christ. I am one with the MultiUniversal,Multidimensional God Elyown, Elyown El.  May you all be forgiven of your sins and error and start anew.

    Since El means Godandeach UniversehasaGod,there are Gods of Small Universes  or MicroUniverses,Mid-Sized Universes or MidiVerses and Large Universes or Maxiverses.  The God who rules all of these universes and dimensions is called Elyown, Elyown, El.

A New Religion called Paradoche

    Paradoche means "acceptance" in greek. Acceptance unlike Submission in Islam i s  much wiser because you can't submit to what you don't accept, which causes religious wars.  Accepting all of God's miracles and words in all languages, dimensions, worlds, and Universes is much higher that submitting to God because it fosters and understanding of how truly multifaceted God is.

e have one goal, salvation of all men through the Creator, who is God Elyown Elyown El,  and his Son The Father, and his son, Jesus, along with the Holy Spirit.

    Our successive goal is to equip mankind with the knowledge of his cosmic roots in the creator and with his space brothers, in addition to creating divine instruments and machines to do his work.

    I, Barry C. Bowser, the Prophet and President of this Church was baptized by John the Baptist in the Presence of the 12 Apostles and Jesus Christ along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania at the age of 14.  They had travelled to earth in a spaceship. Further comments on the True Baptism of John as relates to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


    For more information on me, please see my Bio page.

    Did you know that there was one Aryan Secondary Race made up of white people in the beginning of earth's civilization?  What Paradoche teaches about the races black, red, and yellow.

    A Teleportation System is being designed and tested very soon so that people will no longer need convetnional, time consuming transportation to get to the Church or University from all over the world or other worlds.  In 8 months, the tectonic plates will shift in North America's East and West Coast drowning millions of people.  I hope that this teleportation system of one like it will save at least hundreds of thousands.

    Other time and space travel machines you can build and practice with.

    If you want to know what Gold Ormes is, or Monatomic Gold or Monatomic Elements are, please do a Google search on David Hudson and Monatomics or Ormes.  If you would like to obtain some for yourself, please follow this link.

Dr. Barry C. Bowser bowser03@sprintpcs.com

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