Our Family Homepage

This is our Family Homepage. My name is Marcy and I am the one responsible for the creation of the page. I am a novice at this so any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to Email me.

BobThis is a picture of my husband, Bob. Our friend Debbie made this gift image for us in one of her graphics classes. I hope to be versed enough one day to do things like this! I think she is very talented."S".

My husband has many interests. One of them is collecting movies. He has the entire collection of Star Trek:TOS. He also enjoys messing around with fish tanks. He expecially likes the salt water tanks. At present he is studying to be a computer tech. I am so PROUD of him! We have been married now for 2yrs. These have been the best 2yrs of my life. I can see myself with no other man.

My friend Debbie has a web page of her own. I think her page is really awsome! It is her first attempt at a page, too. Her page is all about her family, and she has other pages that are dedicated to other members of her family. She is a gentle soul with a warm heart.If you would like to visit her page just click on the cat.click here

At the present time I am studying with Web Tech University, as I would like to make my page as presentable as I can. So far I have taken the HTML 101 class and the Tables class. I am now registered in the forms class and then I plan to take the frames class. I am doing really well so far. In fact my Tables instructor, Tammy, sent me this gif. as I made 100% on my Tables testoutstanding student

I will be updating my page every so often, and I will try to incorporate my lessons into the page as I go along.

I have many interests outside of making this page"S". I enjoy collecting CD'S to add to our growing collection. I like to crochet, although I haven't been able to set aside the time to make anything lately. As with most people, my job and my family seem to take up most of my days. I have never been blessed with a child of my own, but I do have a wonderful stepson who has brightened up my life.

I am making a survey for one of my classes. If you would like to take the survey, click here.click here

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