PROMISE BASHIQ (pending) - Promise L Tasik (?Lawmoss x Tambourina) X Bashirra (Iszi x Faranique).   2004 chestnut colt - 100% Early American Foundation.   By my calculations he is about 75% Kellogg and has 25 lines to *Nasik, 10 of these through Farana.  We're just "waiting and watching" with this colt.
PROMISE FAHREEN (pending) Lawzonn (Lawmoss x Gaizona) X Fariniszi Islam (FV Classic Farwa x Bashirra) 2005 bay colt who is 100% American Foundation.  By my calculations he is also about 78% Kellogg, with 29 lines to *Nasik, 11 of those being through Farana.   I like this colt.
PROMISE JASIK (pending) Jenkyn (Najih x Zephirine) X Promise LawFaerie (Lawmoss x RV Riskie Affaire.  Bay 2005 colt  100% American Foundation.   According to my calculations he is 80% Kellogg with 44 lines to *Nasik, with seven being through Farana.  I like this colt, too.
Yeah, I'm really interested in "Lines to *Nasik" and to Farana---call it "weird" if you want--I prefer to call it "visionary"--that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
For your viewing pleasure, my daughter's toad and her "pet" orchid.
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