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The BH3 was founded in 1983
and today is running more often than ever.

 We meet every Sunday morning and every Monday evening all year round, and run through the beautiful Hills of Buda, followed by healthy Hungarian beer and good Hungarian soup/langos or other hash food.

  We meet in the same place every time near the centre with easy public transport access, so even the stupidest or most hung-over hasher can remember where to go. Then everyone piles into cars and heads for the surprise venue, decided by the two or more people acting as the "Hares" (trail setters) for that day's run (or walk).  A Hash fee has to be paid by all, currently 500 Forints per time entitling you to partake in as many drinks as you want after the run.

  Our runs are either cross-country (Sundays) or (on Mondays) lead you through the beautiful sites of the city! We run anything between 5K and 5 miles. The run usually lasts about an hour.

  For our not-so-fit members we have a Walking Group which also provides wheelchairs and crutches at no additional charge. After the walking they need special refreshments for the tired tongues which are usually more worn out than the legs.

  Afterwards, we relax for a while and socialise. Following a small period of relative inactivity we have the Down Down ceremony in which various people receive “awards” (penalties) for transgressions of any kind, e.g. calling on a shortcut, competitive running, etc.... These penalties are always humorous and fun, involving beer drinking and a good deal of laughing at one's self. Afterwards, we usually meet up in a an inexpensive restaurant followed by healthy Hungarian beer and good Hungarian soup.

You can join by just getting the instructions from the
BH3 Web Blog Pages or join the email group to get stupid messages, some of which might be useful.

Everybody is welcome!

Wanna to be a Hare? Contact us!
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