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1:53 AM 7/3/2011

DoorKnob Fairy? That's explained in the "about" section, suffice it to say that I'm an Avon Independent sales representative serving Lebanon, PA. This page does not exist to solicit new customers as it's not only against Avon guidelines but is an invitation to scammers to solicit me. I encourage non-customers in need of a Rep to look for one locally. Attempts to use interactive pages, such as the survey, by unrecognized people will result in any submissions being ignored. Please "register" as a customer first (make personal contact via phone, visit, or direct email) before attempting to use this site. Anyone registering on my eRep site who is not already known to me could be mistaken as a potential scammer.

Unlike some Reps, I have a retail location that allows me to display a small selection of products for your convenience. If you prefer to shop Avon on your terms & not via ordering deadlines, stop in & see what is in stock. Follow the 306 Cumberland link for more information about our storefront.

This site has several sections, which I'll try to explain briefly here or you can simply click around & take your own tour.

  • Mail List - We have about half a dozen specialized, opt-in/out email lists that customers are encouraged to join. Read about them here
  • Delivery - How to access your online (paperless) invoice & delivery/pick up information
  • Brochures - So you can see the online brochure & all inserts at any time
  • Online Ordering - link to my "eRep" page with an explanation of how to use it & the PRIZE that one lucky customer can win each campaign just for using the website to communicate your order
  • Alternate Uses - While Avon does not recommend using products in any manner other than how they are marketed (mainly for liability reasons), we know some popular products are very versatile. Find out how much so here!
  • Deal of the Day - Sign up to be notified of the daily, limited-supply product Avon is promoting for the day.
  • Policies - It's only fair for you to know how I conduct my business on a variety of levels
  • About - Not just where the name "DoorKnobFairy" comes from, but also my history in regards to my Avon career
  • Closeout - For those who cannot make it to the store, shop a partial list of my clearance offerings
  • Samples - Remember that Avon allows you to try before you buy! Get the scoop here.
  • Home - Brings you back here!
  • 306 Cumberland - DoorKnob Fairy is just one of several businesses, this link will tell you about the others