WELCOME, one and all! Lords and ladies, short and tall! Live it up in style, go that extra mile! Come to our house and make it your home, because no matter how far you may roam, we're always just a step away, and we're opened every day. At Avens, your interdimensional haven, you'll find we have done all that we can to accommodate you and your guests. We have a full bar, complete with drinks for the social elite of every species! There's also a five hundred square foot casino for the high rollers out there, and we have over three hundred floors of hotel rooms! Single, double, and suites.

We're equipped with a friendly, attractive staff for your personal pleasure, and they're always prepared to serve to the best of their ability - with a smile. And that's not the best part!

No, the best part is that for your convenience, Avens can be accessed from anywhere! That's right, anywhere! Don't ask us how, because we're probably keeping it a secret, but if you have a door, we're at your disposal! So come on down to Avens today - we're only a room away!

*Please note that Avens will only accept payment in human legal tenders, gold, silver, or platinum. We do not accept copper, heads, magical items, or enchanted/cursed jewelry. Also, we are not responsible for life or limb lost in the event that one of our waitresses or waiters is threatened or sexually harassed by any patron.

SPACE FOR RENT: Need space? Do you have a business/club/seance/convention/social event/religious group/antireligious group/party/wedding/funeral/orgy/therapy group/cult, but find that you've got no place for it? 249 of Avens' 300 floors are up for rent. Contact Amadeus Christoff (Meep the Greekmun) for details.

Setting: Any time, any place. Avens is a totally open RP room - you can play anything you want, in any setting you want. Can't think of place to put your character? Need someplace to meet other people's cees? Then the main focal point of the room is the Avens hotel, bar and casino, owned by the shady Amadeus Christoff. Just step in through the front door. The bar is on your right, the casino's to your left, and the elevator that gives you access to the other 300 floors is straight ahead.

The room moderators are:

If you have any problems with people the room, please feel free to contact one them. Or, you can e-mail us at avensrp@yahoo.com

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

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