The republic's flag has two equal parallel sections. The upper is white and the lower is sky blue. These are the national colors.
On the left middle there is a circle with the opposite colors. Inside the blue section is Periklis's helmet and inside the white section is the crossed shield.


The Republic's crest symbolizes our nation's main principals and traditions.
In the center is the crossed shield which symbolizes the defensive strength and the faith in God. In the middle of the shield is the helmet of Periklis, the founder of the ancient Athenian Republic. Left and right stand the two Evzoni guards of the crest. 
Bellow the crest writes in Greek "Our power is the faith in God" and finally over the crest appears a pigeon carrying an olive leaf, symbolizes our peace keeping nation.


The Athenian Republic has currently a temporary provisional government, until its citizens reach 200.
When that number reached, elections will be held in order a new permanent government to be elected by the people.

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  • Name: Athenian Republic
  • Status: Microland non-territorial
  • Founded: 10/1/1999
  • Established: 20/10/2000
  • Capital: New Smyrni's Central Square
  • Population: 15 (as by 20/10/2000)
  • Currency: Lira - Pound
  • People: European Descent
  • Language: Greek, English
  • Religion: Christian Orthodox (main), Catholic, Protestant
  • Government: Republic
  • Foreign Minister: Mirto Damigou


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