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Words of Prey: The Movie
Posted by Bill on 04/12/02, 3:50 p.m.

Bob (Bob Newhart) - the unassuming quiet guy, the eye in the storm, somewhat cooler than he thinks he is.

Myrddin (John Schneider) - the good ol' boy with plenty of common sense and a heart of gold

Death Quaker (Janeane Garofalo) - The ever lovin' tough girl, not taking anything from anybody...with a soft side.

Scribbler (Paget Brewster) - The one who must be obeyed. A keen mind with guts to use it...even I have to admit she's right most of the time.

Corrina (Debbie Harry) - The mystical earth mother, in connection with the lines of the universe.

Jennifer (Yvonne Craig) - Seemingly, a quiet, bookish type...actually, an action dynamo!

Laura (Toni Collette) - The wacky, working girl that everyone loves, she'll find true love in the last reel.

Kate (Allison Mack) - The spunky younger sister, a scheme is always simmering.


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