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Think of the Birds of Prey Partnership as like the partnership between Oracle and Black Canary: each woman brings to the Birds of Prey her unique skills and personality to get the job done -- be it overthrowing a cruel dictator, breaking up a smuggling ring, or just trying not to get killed by grumpy crime lords.

We're not jetting across the world, solving international crimes. Not yet, anyway, though Jennifer is assembling her Crays and I'm brushing up on my judo as we speak. But and Women of Gotham , like Oracle and Black Canary, each have unique features and personalities that have joined forces to enrich your Birds of Prey experience on the web. offers exhaustive and detailed information on your favourite heroines. From what kind of boots Dinah wore in 1984 to a complete list of Barbara's post-Crisis appearances, is your one-stop source for Birds of Prey information. This site also features interviews with some of the writers and artists who have worked on Birds of Prey.

Women of Gotham features numerous opportunities for fan involvement. From fiction to reviews, editorials to message board posts, if you're a BoPper with something to say, this is the ideal place to do it. And although the site has a heavy Birds of Prey focus, it also stars many other women of the Bat-universe, creating a forum that celebrates these amazing women of comics.

And no matter which site is your starting or destination point, be sure to kick back, relax, and converse with other fans at the Words of Prey Message Board .

We hope you will enjoy your journey into the web's ultimate Birds of Prey experience. Come on in.

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