The Women of Gotham Welcome You!

What: Nightwing #52 (Guest starring Catwoman)
When: Came out December 13, 2000
Who: Written by Chuck Dixon; illustrated by Greg Land; published by DC Comics
Reviewed by: Stella

I must admit, I was very impressed with this book. I've read quite a few older Nightwing books, but this one
really outshone the rest (and I'm not being biased because of a certain feline femme's appearance all
throughout the book). I'd never read a comic with the combined talents of Dixon and Land before, but that very combination made this read even more superb.  I am quite saddened at the fact that Mr. Land will soon be leaving Nightwing. I was actually going to start collecting it.

The Deal:

Selina is in Bludhaven after the Klopmann Diamond, but her plan gets complicated by some nasty surprises.
A band of organised thieves are also after that jewel, and to make for a double dose of trouble, Nightwing
shows up, planning to foil any attempts of theft.

Inside Selina's Head:

This issue not only guest stars Catwoman, but her presence dominates the whole comic; this was the reason I picked up this book in the first place. Some worthy mentions are the opening dream sequence of Selina and Batman getting married. One highlight is on the bottom left panel of page 4, featuring a superheroine brawl over Selina's bouquet! It's a scream!

The dream sequence and her interactions with Nightwing (which sometimes get quite saucy) help the reader to get into Selina's head, and we really see how her feelings for Batman affect her, and how she handles those feelings.

Rating: 9.5/10

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