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Words of Prey Community Pages

Words of Prey Message Board

The (in)famous etherized stomping ground of some of the friendliest people you'll meet. Ostensibly to discuss women in comics, comics in women, or any combination thereof... but we won't hold you to ceremony.

Board Guidelines (a.k.a. Da Rules)

Before you join in on the discussions, please read these guidelines. Trust me, it will save a lot of embarrassment and grief later.

Community Pages

Pages by and about Words of Prey posters. Want your own page? Read the Board Guidelines!




Dark Rider

Death Quaker










If I've missed you, or you want to have a community bio, read the Board Guidelines and submit your page!

Best of the Board

Threads and posts that chronicle the board's shining moments, from the funniest to the most moving, the smartest to the silliest, nominated by board posters. To find out how to nominate a post for posterity, read the -- you guessed it -- Board Guidelines.

Birds of Prey Brou-ha

Some of the funniest moments on the board have come from the ongoing, raging debates over Birds of Prey, which is surely the board's hottest topic. These comedic strokes certainly broke the tension of the battles.

"The Fabulous Dixon Dancers" This post is best accompanied by a peppy ABBA instrumental. You'll see why.

"Barbie Doll Dinah" New from Mattel!

September 11

Soon after the tragic attacks on New York and Washington, board regulars came together to express their grief, their fear, and their concern for each other.

"Where is Superman..." An entire thread from that terrible day, as board posters got in touch to make sure everyone was okay.

"All are changed, changed utterly" Going back to normal... is it possible? Is it right?

"Re: All are changed..." In response to the above, a brief but moving reflection of how life has changed for NYC resident Eilonwy.

Thoughts & Fun

Miscellaneous silliness and profundity.

"Comics and the Movies" A very thoughtful post about how Hollywood translates comic book characters to the silver screen, particularly Catwoman.

"Comics and Life" A great reflection on how comics can be more than just entertainment -- they can have a profound effect on our lives.

"Words of Prey: The Movie" Yup -- if we WoP posters were in a movie, what kind of characters would we be? Who would play us? Self-indulgent fun.

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