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This page looks a teensy bit bare, don't you think? That's where you come in.

The women of the Bat-books are some of the best characters in fiction -- we all know that. But there are oodles of other fantastic femmes gracing the pages of comic books and novels, women who deserve a spot next to Catwoman and Oracle, even if this site isn't their natural home. Yes, that's right: the Tourists of Gotham.

So grab a pen and a sheet of paper, hop on-line to do a little research if you need to, and tell us all about your favourite non-Gotham fictional females. (That's called an adjectival string, kiddies, and don't try it at home.) But first, please read the submission guidelines below. There can only be one essay per character, so if you're dying to take on Buffy, you'd better read the guidelines carefully to be sure you're the first in line.

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