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Links & Rings

A cornucopia of useful and fun resources for those of you who want to learn more about comic books. At least, I hope it will be.

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Women in Comics

Birdwatching: Black Canary and Oracle: Birds of Prey
Birdwatching: Black Canary and Oracle: Birds of Prey

I like mentioning this site a lot. Mostly because it's fabulous, it's WoG's partner site, and its webmaster, Jennifer Ford, has helped and encouraged me a lot in constructing this site. Pick your reason, and check it out!

Birds of a Feather
If you can't get enough Babs-and-Dick fic, a wealth of romantic stories about Oracle and Nightwing await you here.

Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl
Earth Angel

Another DC woman that I love, and this site has it all.

Fan Girl
Fan Girl

An amazing array of brief bios on comic book women await you here.

Gotham Clock Tower
Gotham Clock Tower

Get the latest scoops on the upcoming Birds of Prey TV series here! Also check out KryptonSite's Smallville page, on one of my favourite current shows.

Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman

An exhaustive and detailed site about my favourite Marvel woman, Jean Grey.

Sequential Tart
A web zine, run mostly by women, about comic books and the industry.

SillWill Press
Creator Alison Williams has produced a beautifully illustrated fantasy story with strong female characters called The Sorceror's Children. The second mini-series was due to come out, but Diamond Comics cancelled because of low orders. Help save this comic! Ask about it at your local comic shop!

Star Wars Chicks
My first foray into female fandom was at this site, and an impressive and slick site it is. Where else can you find erotic Sith fiction and recipes for Wookie cookies in the same place? (Don't answer that question.)

Women in Refrigerators
Gail Simone, the writer behind Comic Book Resource's hilarious weekly column You'll All Be Sorry, has compiled a bizarre and disturbing list of all the female comic book characters who have suffered gruesome tragedies or deaths. Worth a look.
Women of DC Comics
This site contains brief biographies on an awful lot of DC's female characters, with many I've never heard of.
Women of Marvel Comics
Women of Marvel Comics

Because I'm growing to love Jean Grey and Black Widow as much as Oracle and Black Canary, here's a link to learn all about those wonderful women of the House of Ideas.

Creator Sites

An unofficial website devoted to current Ruse penciller, former Birds of Prey penciller, Words of Prey poster, one of my all-time favourite artists and one of the nicest guys in comics, Butch Guice. That's a mouthful. A cool site created by Erik (E!) Burnham.

CrossGen Comics
A somewhat controversial new publisher, CrossGen seems to be doing enough right to attract some of the finest talents in the industry, including the aforementioned Mr. Guice, Chuck Dixon, Mark Waid, George Perez, and Laura De Puy. It also publishes two of my favourite comics, Ruse and Meridian, so I figured it was worth a mention.

DC Comics
The official home of Gotham's women. Its men, too. And of some people that have never even been to Gotham!
Though 2K Comics has folded, Batbooks writer Devin Grayson has her own website now. Filled with updates on her latest and upcoming projects, samples, interviews, and handy advice for breaking into comic book writing.
Chuck Dixon, the man we can thank for bringing the Birds of Prey, Spoiler and Nightwing to life, has a fantastic website that includes articles on writing comic books.

Comic Book Resources

Comic Script Templates For MS Word
Mr. Gerber has kindly provided some templates -- unfortunately for Microsoft Word only -- to make writing that Eisner Award-wiinning script a heap easier. Too bad he doesn't provide a magic story generator, too.
Creating Comics
A fantastic resource if you want to try your hand at writing, drawing or inking comic books. Dave A. Law provides the best links to help new and seasoned comic creators spin out their tales.

News & Fanzines

Captain Comics
This is my favourite comic book magazine. Staffed with several pro journalists, the site's articles are always well-written, fair, and good-humoured. Just plain fun.
Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Resources

A great site if you want industry news, reviews, columns, and resources. The site also has a big database that includes links to industry pros and comics publishers.

Comics Continuum
A daily source for comic book news and previews. Indispensable to your friendly neighbourhood comic book site webmistress.
The Comic Reader
The Comic Reader

News, links, and oodles of reviews. Regular WoG contributor Bob (aka Robert Dawson) writes reviews here, too.

Digital Webbing
Another good, all-around comic books resource.


However you say it, this is a fun-packed DC fanzine.

Gotham Gazette
One of longest-running and pre-eminent Batman magazines on the web.

Phase 5
Phase 5

A Net mag that examines pop culture (including comic books) with equal parts snark and love. And it includes comic reviews by our beloved Corrina!

Comic Book Men

Claws 'n Effect
Claws 'n Effect

My favourite site about one of my favourite mutant men. Its webmistress has taken a unique focus on Wolverine, examining his life before and outside of the X-Men. Nary a piece of yellow spandex or pointy mask you'll find here, and that's a good thing, bub.

The Dark Knight
The best web site dedicated to my favourite man, Batman. What more can I say? See for yourself.

Dick Grayson... Nightwing
This site about our favourite Man Wonder has a great design, lots of nice pictures, and some interesting commentaries by the site author. He's also discovered an actor who looks stunningly like Mr. Grayson.

Extreme Robin Website
If you like your men young and wearing green tights, come here. A great site dedicated to Tim Drake.

The Man Without Fear
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

A comprehensive website dedicated to one of my favourite Marvel men. I haven't yet figured out if he's literally without fear, though.

Two-Face's Tower of Tranquility and Terror
Two-Face's Tower of Tranquility and Terror

And if you like your men... um... insane, I recommend this site, run by a good friend of mine. No, no! My friend's not insane! Two-Face is -- oh, nevermind. Just click on the link, whydontcha.


If you've become a certified Tolkien nut and elf-lover like I have, you'll appreciate this site. A linguist has put together exhaustive commentaries on the languages J. R. R. Tolkien created, and -- get this -- a step-by-step beginner's course for learning Quenya, the language of the High Elves. I'm brushing up on my pronunciation as we speak. Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!

Dark Ecrivans
Dark Ecrivains

Anne Rice sometimes talks as if the vampires of her Vampire Chronicles are real. And if you go to this site, you'll believe it. Lestat, Louis, and the rest of those delicious vamps have as their web home the most drop-dead beautiful site I have ever seen. If Lestat is real and on the web, he lives here. Eerie.

Death Quaker's Realm
Death Quaker's Realm

Death Quaker, WoG's Birds of Prey reviewer, has a home on the web with a little bit of everything, from noble causes to role-playing to the exact definition of a "death quaker." Be sure to check out DQ's new Shrine to Women Who Kick Ass.

Dot Txt
The personal web site of Rare Medium columnist Eilonwy. Includes more of her thoughtful writing.

No Man's Land
No Man's Land

So... you keep hearing about the Batman: No Man's Land crossover, but have no idea what the krunk it is? Though it's just beginning, this site promises to offer a comprehensive guide to No Man's Land. It's worth the visit!

Tragic Lad Theatre
Tragic Lad is an old friend from high school who pencilled the indie comic Arcana and has done mini comics, as well. Check out some of his art and his great sense of humour.

xeno's arrow
This is a wonderful comic book published bi-monthly by Radio Comix. You can order it through your local comic shop. Read it! Tell your friends!


And just to prove that the "Rings" part of "Links & Rings" isn't just propaganda, here are the webrings of which Women of Gotham is a proud member. I encourage you to check out the other sites on the ring, because if you enjoy Women of Gotham, you'll enjoy these, too.

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