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Original Fiction

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Of all the new features of Women of Gotham, this section is the one I'm most excited about. I've had the idea for a long time: a section (or a separate site) devoted to wholly original short stories and poetry. Fan fic is wonderful -- fun to read, fun to write. But many writers (myself included) long to share their own characters and visions with the world. Nevermind the money -- though money is nice, let's face it, you didn't become a writer to fund your new Jaguar -- we just want to be published.

In my time running this site, I've come to know some very gifted writers; I've also learned that fans of the women of Gotham are often highly intelligent, well-read, and above all, they love to read good literature, comic-based or not. Why not bring these two elements together?

Lord knows and I know, this isn't The New Yorker or Story. But I also know that there are oodles of talented writers out there who just want their work read. And there are oodles of intelligent readers out there who just want a good read. So here's the deal.

You send me your original (that is, work involving only your own creations) stories and poetry. These pieces must comply with the submission guidelines below. I reserve the right to do some mild editing for grammar, spelling, and clarity; I also reserve the right to accept and reject stories based on content and quality of writing.

This site will not be a simple clearing-house or "archive" for fiction; I intend to maintain a standard of quality in what Women of Gotham publishes. But my aim is to get as many writers' work out there as I can, because my interest is to give new, unpublished, and/or unknown writers a place to have their work read.

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