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Stories are archived according to alphabetical order of the women they star; remember, women without a superhero alias are categorized according to their last name. (In another life, I was a librarian.) So a story about Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is under "Batgirl"; a story about her as Oracle is under "Oracle"; a story about Renee Montoya is under "Montoya, Renee." There are a couple of oddball categories, though: romance stories about Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson together are filed under "Babs-and-Dick"; stories starring the men of Gotham are filed under "Bat-men"; and you can find stories starring two or more of the female Bat-characters under "Women of Gotham." However, Birds of Prey stories are archived under "Birds of Prey." Make sense? New stories are posted at the top of the page. Just click on the title of a story and away you go.

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For Her by Lyssa
I immediately fell in love with this story; by the end of it, I had to wipe tears from my eyes. I am a suck, yes, but it's a darn good story. Dick explains why he hesitated so long to visit Barbara after she'd been shot. A must-read for Babs-and-Dick fans.

Rite of Passage   by Lyssa
Another wonderful story from Dick's point of view. Young Robin finally screws up the courage to tell Batgirl of his love for her. And her response is not at all what he expects.

I'll Be Waiting by Sarie
Get out the handkerchiefs again, folks. On Valentine's Day, Oracle faces the prospect of another cold, lonely night... until Dick Grayson tries to inject some warmth and romance into her life. The question is, will stubborn Barbara let him? Another must-read for the Babs-and-Dick fan.


Leaf Fall   by Tracey Claybon
In a story set after the events of Batgirl #8 and #9, Shiva tells Batgirl a shocking secret about the young vigilante's past. Not only is this our first Shiva story, but our first Batgirl III story, too! Yippee!


Survivor's Guilt by Tracey Claybon
A short-and-sad prose piece describing Batman's reaction to losing the woman he loves.

Whipped   by Arlene Pon
See under " Women of Gotham" for description.

An Eternity of Pez: Part One   by Laura
My own entry, continuing the decidedly Dicky flavour that has taken over this page. Mr. Grayson's on a quest for immortality, while Bruce Wayne's on a quest for... soft pretzels? A serialized comedy about the terrifying consequences of debating Marxism with a billionaire.

An Eternity of Pez: Part Two by Laura
The Robin Pez dispensers are missing! What will Dick Grayson do? Go medieval on the crooks who swiped them, of course! But first, he has to find them... Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne squares off against mysterious media magnate Conrad Black. Will he score a free dinner off the plucky Canuck, or will his stomach be left rumbling? The Bolshevik farce continues...

Birds of Prey

Enter Gremalkyn, Chapter One by Gremalkyn
The ever-popular Birds of Prey star in the first part of this serial that pits the Birds against the Joker and a mysterious stranger. Word is he makes the Clown Prince of Crime look like a mere Clown Prince of Impoliteness in comparison. And what wonderful toys he has!

Enter Gremalkyn: Chapter Two by Gremalkyn
The mysterious Gremalkyn lures the Joker into the marbled halls of the Artemis Corporation. Has Gotham's most feared hunter finally become the hunted? It's up to the Birds of Prey to find out... but first, they have to find a way in!

Enter Gremalkyn: Chapter Three by Gremalkyn
Little does billionaire Bruce Wayne know it, but a force beyond reckoning has stepped into Wayne Manor. Luckily, Barbara's on the ball... isn't she? And where is Black Canary? It's a party you'll never forget...

The Tanara Siege by DC
A by-the-numbers crackdown on a drug cartel gets complicated when Black Canary meets a Marvel-ous merc named Silver Sable. Can the Birds take on Sable and live to tell the tale? An exciting Chick Fic Crossover Challenge entry.

The Ol' Switcheroo: Part One by Smitty
This serialized story holds the happy distinction of being the first Birds of Prey story on this site... and it's a doozie! An injured Dinah gets to play Oracle, while Barbara jet-sets across the globe in search of a valuable computer disk. A fun twist on the duo's regular M.O.

The Ol' Switcheroo: Part Two by Smitty
Secret disguises, international intrigue, and little hot dog rolls abound in the second part of this Birds of Prey comedy! Undercover Barbara finally meets the beguiling Dr. Fledermaus... and he's not who she expected! And why doesn't Dinah answer her calls?

The Ol' Switcheroo: Part Three by Smitty
Robin faces down a hobbled Black Canary in Oracle's lair. Let's hope she's gentle on the poor boy... Meanwhile, Barbara and Dick unravel the mystery of Ra's al Ghul's involvement with the missing virus program. Experience exciting action and side-ripping laughter in this serialized Birds of Prey story!

The Ol' Switcheroo: Part Four by Smitty
YES! The "on-hiatus" Birds of Prey serial returns! In this episode, Barbara and Dick go cruisin' through dangerous waters in search of the elusive computer disk. Meanwhile, Dinah faces a crisis when the Oracle line activates. The madcap adventure continues!


Free Lunch by Arlene Pon
Hey, when Bruce Wayne is paying, how's a girl supposed to resist buying the lobster? Selina Kyle and Lois Lane discuss their respective dates, and come to some hysterical conclusions. A Chick Fic Crossover Challenge entry.

Turn Away by Martina
A sweet, short piece pondering a love that could have been... and the path Catwoman chose.


Up To Code: Part One by DC
Jaywalkers beware! In the aftermath of No Man's Land, Gotham City's citizens face harsh punishment from a killer vigilante called The Justice. It's up to the Huntress to stop him -- unless a shades-sporting assassin getts to him first, that is. The first of an exciting four-part series starring our favourite rage-fuelled Gotham Girl.

Up To Code: Part Two by DC
By-law vigilante The Justice is still on the loose, and still out of control. In her quest to take him down, Huntress uncovers some unsavoury facts about his prime targets. And speaking of targets, Hitman tries every trick in the book to bring the Justice out of hiding... though he and Huntress may soon wish he hadn't. The Cauldron boils in the second part of this four-part series!

Lane, Lois

A Hole in the Ground by past47
Metropolis reporter Lois Lane travels to Gotham City to reveal the hidden tales of No Man's Land to the world. But it's a story that she'll tell no one but her husband -- about a homeless woman and a bat-girl -- that affects Lois the most. Winner of the Chick Fic Crossover Challenge.

Free Lunch by Arlene Pon
See under " Catwoman " for description.

Montoya, Renee

Two Much by Scribbler
Detective Renee Montoya has had a rough day in the halls of the Gotham City Police Department headquarters. But it's no match for the dreams she's about to experience... Another gem from Scribbler, and the first story starring Renee (but we hope it's not the last).


Volkswagens and Porsches   by Tracey Claybon
Oracle tells a little story about cars that pulled her through the traumatic days after the Joker shot her. Including notes from the author, recounting her personal story behind the Fan Fic.

Bat Hunt by Scribbler
Oracle finds two alarming visitors on her doorstep, waving FBI identification and asking questions about a giant bat-man... or is it man-bat? Fox Mulder and the Dark Knight are ringside for a showdown between fandom's two most famous redheads! A Chick Fic Crossover Challenge entry.

Poison Ivy

Her Dream of Green by Stella
A beautiful poem about Poison Ivy.

Night Blooming Jasmine by Scribbler
For Poison Ivy, a moment under the night blooming jasmine stirs yearnings she thought were long buried beneath her toxic skin. A beautiful story by a far too talented writer. (She tossed this off during her lunch break. Can you believe it?)


Leaf Fall   by Tracey Claybon
See under " Batgirl" for description.


Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship   by Lyssa
Spoiler tries to wrestle (literally) a blessing and some answers from urban angel Nightwing. Who wins in this rooftop face-off? You'll be surprised...

Thompkins, Dr. Leslie

Caring   by Peggie
Our first (but not our last!) Leslie Thompkins story. The young doctor sees a broken little boy and his butler, who is strained to the point of breaking himself with caring for his charge. Can Leslie bring healing to this shattered family?

Women of Gotham

Whipped   by Arlene Pon
A hilarious story about a quiet evening patrol that becomes quite harrowing for three Bat-Men, thanks to the intervention of some crafty Women of Gotham.

Preludes   by Laura
A trio of vignettes serves as a sort of prologue for Batman comics in 2001, including the tumultuous "Officer Down" crossover. Three women of Gotham mark New Year's Eve as a new beginning... but what will this new year bring?

Wonder Woman

Trinity: Anchor/Trinity: Evening After   by Tracey Claybon
Two short stories reflect on the relationship between Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Hey! Our first story for the Amazon Princess.

Trinity: Deepest Secrets   by Tracey Claybon  Note: Rated TV-14
Deep in the cold recesses of the Fortress of Solitude, Superman ponders his feelings for Wonder Woman... and a secret he will never reveal to anyone. This story has a rating due to some descriptions of an adult nature.

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