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ARK History

In March of 1998, a small group of people met at a local Kingsville restaurant to discuss the plight of the many homeless, unwanted, and neglected animals found throughout Kingsville and other areas of the county.  From that first meeting was born ARK, an organization dedicated to improving the welfare of those unfortunate animals.

In short time, By-Laws were written, a Board of Directors was elected, and ARK was deemed a non-profit organization by the State of Texas, which allows tax-payers to legally deduct their donations.  In addition, it is also expected that ARK will soon be given tax exempt status.


Since that first humble meeting, ARK has become known throughout the county and state.  It has evolved into a proud organization that has found homes for hundreds of rescued animals.  Ark has developed good working relationships with local veterinarians to provide lower cost medical care that includes neutering, spaying, and immunization.  ARK also provides a worthwhile public service by taking some of our special animals to area schools and senior citizen facilities for young and old to enjoy.


Besides improving local ordinances, ARK's future plans include having it's own animal sanctuary.  ARK recognizes the need for a permanent facility to house and care for all the needy animals until new homes are found for them.  ARK would not be nearly as successful without the small cadre of wonderful people who volunteer as foster parents.  As the name implies, Animal Rescue Kleberg aspires to improving the welfare of those unfortunate animals throughout the county. To the end, ARK exists.






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