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Angelic Witch
The Journey will be long and difficult  but every step brings you closer to your destination.
From day to day I go to school(college)and do my normal daily duties, work, study....etc., but underneath my skin is something different.  I act, I talk, and seem to be average....but it's not really me.  I just don't have the heart to tell anyone...until now.   My beliefs are different than most, but some may be able to relate.  I'm a Christian Witch, a daydreamer, a mother, a student.  I have noticed in the past two years more and more people have the same views as I do.  I'm hoping that I may be able to enlighten and guide others and over all get to know some of you who do have the same interests as me!!!  
         PS: I'm open to new ideas, so feel free to enlighten me also....just don't insult me please.

For those of you who have questions about my spirituality refer to my links or email me.
                 -- Also if you are interested in rituals and spells for Christian Witchcraft....I'm working on it presently.

Stepping Stones by the talented Henning Ludvigsen
My Favorite Links:
Henning Ludvigsen Art
The Christian Witchery Page
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Christian Witchcraft
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