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Started this webpage when I moved from Netcom as my ISP to local Onramp. Netcom was going to add taxes to my monthly charge, Onramp was a local company offering a discount if I paid 6 months in advance and also a local number for my rural community...the fee later changed to 12 months in advance, but they kept the local number and I'm still with them.

2003 NB: This page setup is still used on my other web sites, but only the parts dealing with the poetry & writing.
Most of the links do NOT work, so further exploration is best served by returning to the INDEX

My originals and
some from friends
 Silly Stuff
 Dungeon Poems
 Friends' Poetry
Travels Complete Tour
Costa Rica
New England
Animals   Gone to the Dogs!
Odds and ends  Mom
Favorite authors
Kiddie pics (me)

There is more to come. I'm working as fast as I can.

2003 NB:BACK to start page.

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