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Who am I? Paul Dunlop, that's who. I live and work in Christchurch, New Zealand, the greatest city in the world - well, within NZ at least. Doing administrative work for a tertiary education provider ensures that my bills get paid.

I'm a fifth generation pakeha (ie European New Zealander) and have never lived outside NZ's South Island, though I've been to NZ's North Island a few times. No, travel doesn't interest me.

My interests tend to ebb and flow over time, but at the moment, my major interest is early aviation, especially of the pre-Wright era. I also quite like oddball vehicle designs, including hydrofoil yachts, proas, recumbent cycles, human-powered aircraft, even wind-powered walking machines

In the field of media, I find quality SF/fantasy television series such as "The X-Files", "Buffy" and "Angel" quite enjoyable, ditto with films that play with the timeline structure, like "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "Pulp Fiction" and "Memento".

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