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Site Details

This labor of love has been worked on as an after-hours activity at my workplace, with all the site construction being done there. I have thought about this site for quite some time, although active work on it did not begin until October 1999 when I started to determine a suitable site architecture. Detail work, including the text production, image scanning, etc, took place in intermittent steps from then till February 2000. Software used included Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft Photo Editor and a free shareware application called WebOpt used to reduced image file sizes.

This site's use of two-columns, along with the font selection, text colors, background colors, etc, is based on the graphic design of "The 40-knot Sailboat".  With deference to the American origins of Bernard Smith, I have used US English spelling and non-metric measurements wherever possible.

February 1st, 2000 - as the site was nearing completion, a single marker page was placed on the web at  

February 26th, 2000 - over the course of that Saturday afternoon, the complete site came online.  

May 14th, 2000 - the 2nd iteration was put online. Changes included: 
  1. improved, higher-quality, images.
  2. improvements concerning navigation and location markers.
  3. a significant expansion of all the "Resources" sections. 
  4. new entries to the "Model Craft" page.
  5. adding new text & images to the "Full-sized Craft" page and including background pages for several of the craft.
  6. a full expansion of this section detailing the site and its background.

Who Am I?

Paul Dunlop, that's who. I'm in my 30s and live in Christchurch, the greatest city in the world - well, within New Zealand at least.  I'm a fifth generation pakeha (ie European New Zealander) and have never lived outside NZ's South Island, though I've been to NZ's North Island a few times. No, travel doesn't interest me. Doing admininstrative work for a tertiary education provider ensures that my bills get paid. Apart from the designs of Bernard Smith, other interests include early aviation, cycle design, "The X-Files" and the general trivia that go to make up a life.


To my employers, who have the wisdom to offer their staff such good computing facilities and services, including FREE Internet access. To Ralph Gitomer, who gave me the contact for Bernard Smith himself. To Gray Hodgkinson, one of the Institute's digital design tutors, who taught the web design course I did and so opened the door for me to create this site.

Why This Site?

So how did I get to this? Slowly and by degrees, as it turns out. Some people have touchstones in their lives, where an idea or concept is encountered for the first time, and as time passes and the encounters continue, this notion acquires an increasing significance for them. Such is the nature of the Aerohydrofoil with me. 

I came across a small item on the Monomaran in a 1980 "Popular Science" and was intrigued by the design although I knew nothing of the reasoning behind it. Since then I have come across the work and the designs of Bernard Smith on a number of occasions - each time, learning more about his ideas and of the progress that he has made. I have always been struck by the innate beauty of the Aerohydrofoil concept - an inherently stable, ballast-less, speed sailing machine - who could ask for more?

Accessing the net in 1997 for the first time, and learning about search engines as I went, I found what material was out there about the Aerohydrofoil and its successors. I also learnt - to my dismay - that there was little on the web in the way of collated information about Bernard Smith. This modest site is, in a way, my response to that disappointment.


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