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Sailboat Design

AYRS The Amateur Yacht Research Society.  They have a fully searchable index online.  A second site is here. Listings of many types of resources for the sailboat designer and enthusiast. A well designed site.

The Mother of All Maritime Links Truly awesome. John Kohnen's massive compilation of links.  For speed sailing enthusiasts, look at the "Interesting Boats & Ships" and "Multihulls" sections.

Sailing Concepts, etc

2m RC Multihull Sail Boats One of the few sites about the speedsters of the RC yachting world.

AMYA Multihulls Run by the American Model Yacht Assn. - a good resource detailing what's available for RC multihull enthusiasts.

Dave Culp Speedsailing About speed sailing and kite-powered craft.  Dave's a very experienced kite-sailor and his site is THE place for anyone interested in kite-sailing. 

Michael Schacht's Proafile The talented Mr Schacht has produced an equisite site about "the Western re-discovery of the Pacific flying proa."  Recommended.

Foil Stabilized Sail Craft Giles Whittaker's site about this ingenuous concept and the work he has done with models to refine it.

Proa Web Sites A compilation of links on the Pacific Proa Inc's web site - covers virtually everything out there about traditional and contemporary proa design.

Sailing Page of Mac Stevens A compilation of links, all relating to high speed sailing.

The Speed Sailing Pages Nick Povey's increasingly detailed site about high speed sailing craft, both boats and sailboards.  Covers most topics, but mostly concentrates on the annual speed trials held at Weymouth, UK.

Specific Craft

Aeroskimmer Now in production, this practical design is a catamaran fitted with an inclined wing sail. A test review can be found here.

Cheers In French - Vincent and Nélie Besin's site about the most famous proa of them all - Dick Newick's "Cheers", soon to be restored to its full glory.

l'Hydroptère In French - a site about the huge ocean-going sailing hydrofoiler. Over 4.8 tonnes of pure performance!

Macquarie Innovation The successor to the amazing "Yellow Pages Endeavour" designed to reach 50 knots.

Mi6 proa Pronounced "em-eye-six", this is a trailerable proa daysailer that designers Mal Smith and Ian Sargeant hope to get into production.

P K Hydroptère In French - Fred Monsonnec's site about his small self-designed flying hydrofoiler.

SailRocket Malcolm Barnsley's project to reclaim the speed sailing record for Great Britain.  Malcolm's inclined rig proa is derived from Bernard's aerohydrofoil concept.

Spitfire Developed in Australia, this foil-equipped 12 metre flying catamaran has reached 30 knots, in only 18-25 knots of  wind.

Techniques Avancées French twin-rig sailing multihull hydrofoil. Currently holds the D class record with 42.12 knots.


Jean Margail's 2m catamaran with twin wingsails, splayed out to create lift and eliminating the need for hydrofoils.

Zero-G A radical fliptacker flying yacht design from Spirit Yachts in the UK.

New Zealand Craft

Kelsall Catamarans Site for famed multihull designer (and sometime proa builder), Derek Kelsall, now based in New Zealand.

Kite Sailing Review A tetchy site to access, but hopefully Peter Lynn's very comprehensive essay on kite sailing can be found here.  Peter is a leading designer and manufacturer of kites.

Outrigger Sailing Canoes Gary Dierking's site about his Micronesian-style flying proas. Includes Gary's very impressive computer images.


ArtFormFunction Michael Crumpton's site for his illustration and graphic design work.  Michael and Bernard collaborated on the illustrations for "The Ultimate Sailboat".

WorldLingo An excellent machine translation service, able to translate sites into different languages. An excellent resource for finding both new and 2nd hand books.  Over 15 million new, used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips.

Library of Congress A useful site to find specific publications by title or by author or by ISBN.

US Patent and Trademark Office

For tracking down that elusive patent.
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