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The 40-Knot Sailboat
by Bernard Smith
Grossett & Dunlap, 1963
Library of Congress Cat. No. 63-18980

Split into 3 sections, covering aspects to sailboat design, the experiments that lead to the aerohydrofoil, and a technical summary. (Review) (Cover)

Sailloons and Fliptackers
by Bernard Smith
AIAA, 1989
ISBN 0930403657

A slim and concise book, with a chapter for each of Bernard's various sailboat designs. Technical analyses are given in the appendices. (Review) (Cover)

The Ultimate Sailboat
by Bernard Smith
yet to be published

In which Bernard reviews his work on high-speed sailboats and supplies a detailed account of how to make a 6ft model fliptacker.


The Aerohydrofoil
by Bernard Smith 
"Proceedings of the First AIAA Symposium on Aero/Hydronautics of Sailing"
Vol 8, 1969

A scientific analysis of the aerohydrofoil concept, starting with general overviews and moving through to a specific performance analysis.

The Monomaran
by Bernard Smith
"Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium on Aer/Hydronautics of Sailing", Vol 19, 1976

A non-technical paper, detailing the performance of the manned Aerohydrofoil and the first two Monomaran designs.

New Approaches to Sailing
by Bernard Smith
AIAA "Astronautics & Aeronautics"

March 1980, Vol 18, No 3, pp36-47

Bernard's account of his experiments and ideas, from his early efforts through to the work done with the Monomarans.  This article formed the basis of "Sailloons and Fliptackers".

Additional Reading

The Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing
by C A Marchaj
International Marine Publishing, 1988
ISBN 0713637404

This tome is THE one to use if you wish to research the mathematics of sailing performance.  Gives surprisingly generous coverage to the "extreme" methods of improving speed under sail.

Faster! Faster!
- the Quest for Sailing Speed

by David Pelly
Hearst Marine Books, 1984
ISBN 0688023894

An overview of the topic, with potted histories and descriptions of many of the craft that participated in the Weymouth speed sailing trials.

Hydrofoil Sailing
by A Alexander, J Grogono & D Nigg
Juanita Kalerghi, 1972
ISBN 0903238004

An early non-technical publication covering the designs of hydrofoil yachts, with coverage of a number of early projects. Bernard's work is summed up in one whole paragraph!

Icarus: the boat that flies
by James Grogono
Adlard Coles, 1987
ISBN 0229118038

Icarus was the most successful sailing hydrofoil in the 1970s. This account by its owner gives an excellent insight into the yacht's design and development. 

Sailing Hydrofoils
edited by John Morwood
Amateur Yacht Research Society, 1970
ISBN 0851330096

Not so much a book, as a compilation of articles and correspondence by AYRS members about hydrofoils.

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