Richard Pearse
Centenary of Flight

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The MOTAT reconstruction was then wheeled up to near the wire fence so that spectators could have a close-up look at it. I'd like to point your attention to three things:

One - the rudder is mis-sized in relation to the vertical keel, suggesting that this is a recent alteration. Its not in keeping with any of the other reconstructions that have been made.

Two - the keel material is different to that used on the rest of the plane, again suggesting a recent alteration.

Three - the use of the modern ultralight engine and propeller. The MOTAT people had been intent on this machine being 'accurate and sympathetic' to Pearse's original plane, and they were intending to use a engine - based on Pearse's original - that they had already made and tested. Its likely that these tests showed that the engine and the airframe just weren't a good match, so  they then had to resort to plan B.



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