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Introducing Bernard Smith
Why chase after the wind?  Why be lured by the want to sail faster than what history has so far allowed?  For Bernard Smith, it was the lure of designing sailcraft unfettered by convention, allowing the full potentials offered by wind and water to be exploited.

Bernard Smith

Bernard was born in 1910 in New York.  After WWII, having graduated with an honors degree in physics, he became a civilian scientist with the US Navy.  It was whilst stationed at a testing facility in the Californian desert in the late 50s, that his pursuit of creating the ultimate sailboat began - a sailboat that would be fast on all points of sailing and yet be stable in all conditions.  His early efforts with models were done purely as after-work activities.  In subsequent years, however, as his Navy career advanced, funding became available to help with the development of full-sized craft he had designed.

After his retirement in 1973 from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Bernard continued working on exploring the best configuration for the ultimate sailboat.  Working with collaborators, new concepts for high-speed sailcraft were developed, and tests were carried out on both model craft and, sometimes, full-sized crew-carrying designs. 

Bernard observing the first Monomaran's trials

Bernard has published two books on his work, and even some 40 years after he first started exploring the subject, he is still experimenting and gaining new knowledge.  Now in his 92nd year, Bernard lives in Boca Raton, Florida, working on his autobiography and, thanks to Michael Crumpton of ArtFormFunction, putting the finishing touches to "The Ultimate Sailboat", the third book on his pursuit of perfecting the high-speed sailing machine.




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