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This image of a Sailloon is by Michael Crumpton and will appear in "The Ultimate Sailboat". You can see this and many more of Michael's superb graphic illustrations at his site

The partially hidden torso belongs to Bernard Smith

The mini-Fliptacker at rest

Two views of one of Bernard's more recent mini-fliptacker designs. Features included the use of two curved mirror-image foils, front and rear, instead of the normal bifurcated foils. He also replaced one of the sail-tip foils with a planing float (patterned after the wing tip floats on flying boats). Testing the Mini-Fliptacker on opposing tacks have indicated, surprisingly, that the float offers better performance than the hydrofoil. Both of these photos are courtesy of Bernard Smith.

The Schacht Aerohydrofoil

A computer model of an aerohydrofoil, rendered in Z-form.  Image created by, and courtesy of, Michael Schacht

Below are three images of Aerohydrofoil models.  These are all from "Sailloons and Fliptackers".

model1.jpg (13959 bytes)

model2.jpg (9847 bytes)

model3.jpg (9899 bytes)





Bernard Smith has kindly granted permission to make use of his copyrighted publications, including the unpublished manuscript of "The Ultimate Sailboat".

From "The 40-knot Sailboat" - the first and third images in the Early Work section and the first image in the Aerohydrofoils section.
From "Sailloons and Fliptackers" - the image in the splash and home pages, both images in the Overview section, the middle image in the Early Work section, the second and third images in Aerohydrofoils section, all images in the Monomarans, Sailloons and Fliptackers sections.
From Bernard Smith - all images in the Mini-Fliptackers section, and the two colour photos in this section.

Full credit is given to Evan Mann for the two graphic illustrations used in the Sailloons section - Other examples of Evan's artistic work populate some of Bernard Smith's publications.  He is also Bernard's step-son!

From Malcolm Barnsley - his images of the Delta & SailRocket craft
From Ralph Gitomer - all images of his Fliptacker craft.
From Greg Ketterman - all images of the Trifoiler RC craft.
From Ned Snead - the image of his Delta craft.
From Richard Roake -
all images of the Killer Wasp.
From Robert Imhoff - all images of his Aero-Hydrofoil prototypes.
From Fiona Sinclair, AYRS - color images of the Exoplane and Hurlam - these originally appeared at Speedweek 97, hosted by Dave Culp, and at the now defunct "Yacht Research Homepage".

From "Sail" magazine (January 1985) - all images of the Seaflier.
From "Icarus: the boat that flies" - all images of Centaurus II and Kotaha.
From "Faster! Faster!" - Guy Gurney's B&W image of the Exoplane.
From "Model Boats" magazine (June 1974) - Sail Foil image
From "Radio Control Boat Modeler" magazine (August 2000) - the image of the L-Trimaran, taken by it's inventor Gary Hall


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