My interest in rabbits began as the result of a once in a lifetime experience.  My aunt had been a missionary in Zimbabwe, Africa for several years and invited me to "save my quarters"and come to visit her when I graduated from high school in 1996.  Needless to say, my quarters fell far short of the money I needed to go.  Imagine my surprise when, at my graduation  party, my family and friends provided me with the ticket and the money I needed to set off for the African continent.

  I was in Zimbabwe for three months, and on crutches for all but one day of my stay due to a ligament that was torn in my knee the day I arrived.(Ouch)  I met a lot of nice people and made lots of friends there.  A nice couple invited me to dinner and that is where I was first served rabbit meat.  I really enjoyed it and over the next several months that couple taught me basically everything they knew about raising meat pen rabbits.  They actually let me care for a pair of breeding stock and I couldn't wait to see their first litter.  Unfortunately, I left for England three days before the kits arrived.(BooHoo)

  My love for rabbits continued over the next couple years as I tried to learn more about the different breeds.  I started with Holland Lops as pets and acquired some English Spots in the summer of 2001.  In 2002, I joined the American Rabbit Breeders Association and began working on developing a herd of quality pedigreed rabbits.   I had my first litter of English Spots.  There were 12 in the litter, out of that 6 were marked.  the six marked were all does and there were 3 black and three chocolates.  I kept one of each color.  I named them Zimbunnies' My Turn & Zimbunnies' Coco, both of them became Grand Champions.   

  It was a bad year & a great year for me & my rabbits.  In March I found out I had cancer & my grandfather died.  My rabbits helped me and so did all my rabbit family.  I would go to shows while going through treatment and so many people helped  me out.  I owe a big thanks to all of you.  My mother had cages maked for my so I could keep my rabbits.  My old cages would take my hours to clean, and I was unable to be around them that long.  In November I was cancer free and was ranked 19th in the country by the American English Spot Club.

  I won my first BIS with an American Tortoise Shell Cavy, I had raised and was ranked 11th in the country by the American English Spot Club.

  I won my first BIS with an English Spot doe, I had bred. I have also started working on becoming an ARBA Rabbit & Cavy Registrar.  In December I became a rabbit register.  Plus, I have passed two parts of my Cavy test and now have to work with 3 judges and one register to work under.
  I was ranked 7th in the country by the American English Spot Club.

  I am taking the year off in rabbits & cavies. But I have to work under one Cavy judges left to become a cavy register.

  In January of 2006,  I have just started back into fish, I have been in and out of fish all my life.  This time I am getting back  into Betta & Killifish.   In May, I had my first Betta  and Killifish fry.   Saidly thay all died, fish are not as easy to raise as rabbits.

Please note these are not rabbits!!!!!! LOL   
My Interest in Rabbits
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