Cleansing the Doors of Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it really is, infinite."

- William Blake

Perceiving the infinite involves a fundamental change in thinking. Instead of constantly seeking to stuff experience into boxes of catgories, it is a process of perceiving without evaluating.

In-finite simply means "not finite". Many people think of infinity only in the sense of infinitely large. But, it simply means that things are not as bounded and separate from each other as we tend to believe. The continuum of life shades smoothly through thousands of variations on a theme, yet each one unique. The behaviors of human beings, and in fact all things, do the same. There are great and huge patterns of life and natural forces that manifest themselves despite any human attempts to change that. In terms of our actions, these literally are like the ripples from a stone dropped in a still lake: they just keep spreading out forever.

Opening one's mind to perceiving the larger patterns beyond the moment to moment perception involves both ignoring irrelevant detail and watching the results or effects of the forces in motion. The unbroken chain of cause and effect, karma, is that each moment leads directly to the next. Thus can one lean on the direction of the future by making consistent moment to moment decisions.

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