The Good Old Days...

A page devoted to the television shows I wish were still on the air. There is so much crap on tv nowadays. I still can't comprehend why the life of these shows were so short while atrocites like Full House and Family Matters had such a long run.

Here was a cool show with many possibilities for growth. Though sometimes I was dissapointed that they didn't expand on some issues in order to keep it more children oriented, it had much intelligence and maturity, as well as potential.

Here are some links to a few remaining Gargoyles sites:

Wow, what a great show this was. In one word: brilliant. A one hour action-packed Canadian television series based on a popular John Woo movie. It was perfectly casted with dynamic actors who had great chemistry together. It was quirky, hilarious, had interesting camera techniques, and stunning and amazingly creative fight scenes. I can't tell you how cool this show was. If it's so great, you're probably wondering why it was cancelled after only one season. So am I. It seems Canadian producers are afraid of making popular shows and prefer to stick to political satire and shows that take place in the 1800's, despite the 1.1 million viewers Once a Thief had; even with it's lousy timeslot. They're such idiots. I have spotted some episodes on video in Canadian Roger's video stores though, and I recommend renting them if you get the chance.

Some Once a Thief links:

The coolest kids show on earth. When I was young we had a tape of the He-Man and She-Ra movie and I used to watch it almost every day. I found the tape again about a year ago, and despite 30 seconds of it being taped over with The Sound of Music ("Let's go He-Man!" **fzzzt!** "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" **fzzzt!**), it's still in pretty good shape and watching it brings back the few good childhood memories I have. I have been able to find a few episodes on tape in the children's section of Roger's video. Sure they're cheesy, but it's a funny kind of cheesy.

Some She-Ra and He-Man links:

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